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whats the sequence...rapture,tribulation,opening the book of life for jugdement,condemnation of death and hades to end everything. explanation of these events with Bible references will be very here

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There are different interpretations for the end times. Some believe that when the 7 year period begins, that the Christians will still be here. Some believe that tho they're still here, the will be taken after 3 1/2 years. Then others believe they will be here through the whole 7 years. 

Most of the churches & pastors I've been a part of believe the Church will be raptured. The tribulation will happen after the rapture though the time for the tribulation to start after the rapture is not known. After the 7 years, the judgement. Next the millennium. I may be off on some of these facts because it's been a while since I've studied it. 


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