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About two years ago, I befriended a woman who was in great distress at the time, and one who I thought was a Christian. I brought this woman into my home, and have had nothing but difficulty ever since.


She still maintians that she is from God, but, I believe there are wrong spirits involved, as I and others around me have experienced great warfare on our minds, from time to time, along with depression and anxiety, and a feeling of being distant from God, another woman experienced a nightmare, that she awoke from in tears, with great fear, and this woman explained this dream line upon line, maintaining it was from God, and it was a warning to the woman to whom it came, a man that is close to the situation said one day that he knew he was not right, as thoughts were being inflicted upon his mind, and those around him, could tell that he was forgetting things, and repeating other things that had already been said.


I would like to hear if anyone else has experienced warfare of this kind, and I am going to post this in the prayer section as well.

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Hey beloved,


Your question is a good one, but very hard to diagnose from a far. The reasons behind what you describe could be many.


The lady that you mentioned - has she testified Jesus as her Lord? Not just by saying she is a Christian, but by living as one consistently and also testifying verbally that Jesus is Lord?

Hi Gayla, God bless you! It is hard to tell from a distance. I can't say with 100% certainty. When we pray and minister to people, we can generate soul ties. We make connections between ourselves and others when we hold hands and pray together. It can help to ask God to break those soul ties. After I leave, I just pray about it. Spirits need a way in. Something like this happened to me recently. This person would not stop calling. I guess you had to be there. I just forgot to break those soul ties.  A loving believer (thank you Mike if you're reading this) reminded me to break the soul ties. The fall out stopped immediately.




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