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The sun rise on a summer morning, brought anticipation from everybody what are we gonna do today, go to the beach? have a picnic?, go camping canoeing,kyaking, bycycle riding....what else is there?.......go watcth TV?? really play video games? you got to be kidding......or sit  blank faced staring at your phone from the last text you just recieved....

We used to have so much fun, we played  tennis for a couple years and that was my other 3 siblings and me....we used to go to the park for arts and crafts .making key chains and stuff.

There were no bad guys at least not like there are now...funny thing about the call for anti bullying came alittle too late for some, we have suffered loss in the past. But now the sudden push to control it???every wrong thing that happens in this world . Happens because of choices that are matter how good someone looks...if they havent really got christ in them they are merely a dressed up garbage can.. full of dead things....a dead spirit( not dead as lay down dead) but as God puts it they are without help. If we look back to the  ten commandments, how they were presented and the on and off relationship Israel had with the Almighty God who saved them from bondage.... we are so much like  Israel in the way our country has behaved...once hot for God but now what.... and thats where Im goin now what??? whats next ...the revealing of the antichrist,war with Iran, war within our borders because of the muslims here......this is a major repeat in the muslims tried to sack Europe and nearly succeded, that was the thing  the crusades the Pope sent out knights, foot soldiers by the hundreds, the plague had a part in the movement of God in Europe when the elder church leaders the real Peter whom was so convicted because of his sin he wanted to be crusified upsidedown....he wasnt worthy to die as his lord did....but Judgement was poured out there,in plagues and wars, in starvation....then the settlers desired to come here to America it didnt take long for the scum of Europe to arrive on our shores, the princes of satan to take up root , and bring us to this place in this time all according to Gods plan....Keep Looking up but also watch what  happens in Europe...when they fall we will be close behind.Actually We would probly fall first....since the majoriy of folks who live here are like reeds blown in the wind carried away with everywind of doctrine. and have become touchie feely, wishy washy....watered down christians.

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Actually no. I don't remember waking up wondering if I was to go to the beach? have a picnic?, go camping canoeing,kyaking, bicycle riding? None of those were at my disposal as our family strived just to make ends meet. TV was our entertainment. Video games weren't around when I was young but I looooovvvvveee playing Mario on the WiiU with my boys. We also play kickball in the street & my husband plays basketball with them when he's home. We also watch movies together on TV. I think sometimes we give technology a bad rap when it's the parent's responsibility to allow them to use them for the good or bad. We have smarter kids. Sheesh, my 11 year old can fix a computer that his daddy - who is a computer expert brain - couldn't fix. I'm of the people that think we should take advantage of what is offered. It can be used for God's purpose or can be used for evil. That's part of our responsibility as a parent. Yes, we had fun in the old days but they are still having fun. It's just in a new & different way. I'm not sure exactly what your 3rd paragraph was talking about Chipster so I didn't know how to put it all together.

 When my children were younger, they played with other kids in 'playdates' which are attended also by parents.  As kids get older they play differently.


My kids are involved in activities every night after school... Every night we are driving somewhere for at least one of our boys to take them to their prearranged activity..  Fencing, Youth Group. Cadets and Baseball.  These are the winter activities which they belong to.  Nights are crazy busy in our home and it's not because they rush to their video games... 

My fourteen year old doesn't play video games at all.  He does watch TV, but it's almost always a history documentary...he has a keen interest in history and spends most of his time learning about it.  He's holding a solid B average in school (science needs improvement which was a 'C'), which is wonderful considering his learning disability 'dyslexia'.  He agreeably participates in family time, and even looks forward to it.  He's very proud to say we are a close family.

My 10 year old does play one game called mine craft, which is basically electronic lego....  but he is an excellent student (straight A's), and has an abundance of friends which he plays outside with regularly, they call on him and he calls on them.  He also is very serious about baseball, and has expressed an interest in playing college ball, he trains 2 x's/wk for that during the winter.  I don't mind him playing on video games because he uses it appropriately for his personal down time.  The other way he spends his personal time is by reading..  he's an avid reader.  When we call him for family time he always comes.

We eat dinner together as a family every night... it's usually rushed because we are leaving the house by 6:30pm most nights for one of the activities they are in (except Saturdays and Sundays). 

However, Saturdays and Sundays are often taken up with cadets or youth group activities.


Life is busy...  As parents we must find different ways to connect with our kids, but that may look different for many families.  We can't judge what another family is doing or how they do it, but we can give people the benefit of the doubt that they are doing what they know or think is best.


Blessings, Carla

Video games keep me sane this time of year. There's a great game for the Android phone where you hack portals, set up defenses and attack opposing bases that requires you to go out - best of both worlds.

Scum of Europe? That's just out of order and unnecessary Chip.


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