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I'd like to get y'alls views on this...because for me it was truly disgusting.  And that would be a light description.

Okay, here is the description.  This morning while listening to K-love, they were plugging the movie "Super Man."  They even went as far as to say it represented Jesus, i.e. fighting evil, etc.  Said that the story was much the same...a man gave up his son to come into this world, be adopted, and spend his life fighting evil.

I'm amazed at how many "Christians" buy into this lie and go to see this movie with their little children.  She said that "Superman" gave his life.....sorry, but he was not crucified on a cross for our sins.  

This is about as ridiculous as teaching your children about "Santa Claus."   Really...what has happened to true Christianity in this time?  Does noone get into the Word anymore, doesn't anyone recognize how far we've digressed...I'm with Jesus on this one, "Will I find faith on the earth when I return?"

All this tells me is that Jesus will be coming back very very soon.  So many trying to take away His Glory.  The world has truly waxed evil, calling good evil and evil good.  Take care and please examine your heart and faith.  Please take the time.  I love you all.

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And if you DO have a problem with them comparing them, you should stick to your convictions as we all should. As I seek the Lord daily, He has yet to convict me of this one so I'll stick to mine as well. I wouldn't expect you to do any different. When & if He does one day convict me of this, I pray I too will stick by my convictions as you have.


I saw the movie, too, Saturday, and it wasn't neutral. It was ungodly. The Superman movies that Christopher Reeve made were neutral. I have enjoyed them and they never had the inferences as this one has, which were ungodly. 

It is metaphorical and metaphors make a direct comparison of two unlike things and say that the one thing is the other thing. People often confuse metaphors and similes. To say something is like something is implicit and leaves it up to the one who sees the simile you're making to decide for themselves what things about the one thing are like the things about the other thing. This movie doesn't leave it up to the viewer to decide what things about Superman are like the Savior. It is metaphorical. 

It begins with his birth and all the other babies like him are killed. He is sent away in order to protect his life from those who seek to kill him. He is persecuted and hated. He performs miraculous deeds. In one scene as a child he angrily asks, Why did God do this to me?" His earthly father, Jonathon, tells him he isn't of this world. He says he just wants Jonathon to be his father and Jonathon tells him that he alway will be his father but that he has another father out there somewhere who has sent him here for a special reason ... Etc. ... 

It continues on along the same lines until Superman actually saves everyone and the whole world from destruction. There is a lot of violence and Lex Luthor isn't in it. The three Krypton villians of the old Superman II are the enemies. During the scene in the church, the priest clearly is awestricken with him, as if he has finally met the one who was prophesied to come to this world and save it. 

He tells the priest he doesn't trust the people of the earth and doesn't know if they're worth saving and the priest tells him that sometimes you must take a leap of faith and the trust comes later. So then he goes out and allows himself to be arrested. I will stop there because it clearly is an imitation of the life of Christ but isn't teaching us to believe in Christ as our Savior. In fact, people in the movie come to believe in him and to no longer see him as the criminal they arrested but the one who saved them. 

It is ungodly and that's not my opinion or my judgment. It's my spiritual discernment. The theatre was full of children and my son was one of them. It's difficult to know anymore what to expect in a movie since the ratings of PG and PG13 and any rating really can't be trusted and you never know what will be godly or neutral. This movie is sacrilegious. It's best to stay home. The fallen world and fallen people are two of our enemies. We are in a spiritual war.

Hey Grace to you,

   I don't go to the movies but Im grateful you brought this about the show showing super man  like that of Jesus. I don't listen to the radio so I don't know anything about Klove. I know people may think I am a nit picker as you say. Like on mothers day I nit picked about the preacher being more comedy than he was teaching about Jesus. I was invited to the church by my daughter. I heard her mother in-law mention that she noticed members with their families who normaly wouldn't step foot in a church. I wanted my son who claims there is no God to come but he didn't. If he had of came... imagine how I would have felt with the preacher not mentioning salvation Jesus. Instead the main focus was of women should not dress provocative. He made the entire church laugh. Me being a nit picker would think with all these possibly unsaved people coming with their praying forever for their childrens mom to church the subject would have been different.  I just wanted to share that. I am sitting here laughing at myself because I am such a dimwit. A bored and don't know how to mix with people dimwit.  

Thnk you for praying for my son. Im am very grateful .


I find many churches speak on specific topics on certain holidays. I must admit that I actually don't like going on those "special" days. I use to go to Mama's church for Mother's Day but she's dead so I don't have to listen to their boring Lutheran message (lolol. Sorry, had to say that). I totally understand where you're coming from though. My kids come to church with me now on Mother's Day (when I lived in NC) & they would preach a slamming service. They try to never miss an opportunity for those lost. I've always loved my home church for not ignoring the true message. Nit picky - yes but nothing wrong with it. The Lord calls us to be peculiar.

I hope my kids will find a "slamming" church service. lol  

I'll be in prayer for yours if you pray for my older ones. Yours will be in my prayers as well Grace.

There have been comparisons between Jesus and superheros pretty much since superheros first appeared appeared in comics, this is just a little more blatant.

As I said to my mate who I went to see it with; sometimes I don't want to study a movie for it's themes and theology, sometimes I just want to watch the good guy fight the bad guy and watch things explode! Though we did discuss it's themes and theology afterwards over chocolate cake :)

I loved the movie

Grazer, I haven't seen the new one but I loved all the old ones. When it comes on Cable or PPV, I will get it for sure. In the movie itself, does it mention that he is like Jesus? I know the old ones don't that I can remember. Sometimes, I just like sitting back, chill & be entertained with my family. I'm sure the movie will be shiny.

I had written this huge reply to your REALLY????? & realized I didn't even know what you was reallying about or to whom. I removed my reply because it was based on what I assumed you was asking when in reality you may not have been. So, for me to answer this question, I would need to know what question you are truly asking. Thanks



I have just now read your ressponse to this issue and must said that I am in complete and total agreement with you. When we begin using things of the world to make Jesus more "acceptable" ( for lack of a better word) we are entering a very dangerous area. Only the word of God brings life and the Spirit is the only one to enlighted our hearts and I believe that the Word of God needs no shoring up from some 'super hero' nonsense. Our Lord is so far above anything that the imagination of man can come up with that to even remotely compare Him to 'these so called 'super heros' is so degrading that it is relegated (in my opinion anyhow) to absolute nonsense.


God bless


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