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I'd like to get y'alls views on this...because for me it was truly disgusting.  And that would be a light description.

Okay, here is the description.  This morning while listening to K-love, they were plugging the movie "Super Man."  They even went as far as to say it represented Jesus, i.e. fighting evil, etc.  Said that the story was much the same...a man gave up his son to come into this world, be adopted, and spend his life fighting evil.

I'm amazed at how many "Christians" buy into this lie and go to see this movie with their little children.  She said that "Superman" gave his life.....sorry, but he was not crucified on a cross for our sins.  

This is about as ridiculous as teaching your children about "Santa Claus."   Really...what has happened to true Christianity in this time?  Does noone get into the Word anymore, doesn't anyone recognize how far we've digressed...I'm with Jesus on this one, "Will I find faith on the earth when I return?"

All this tells me is that Jesus will be coming back very very soon.  So many trying to take away His Glory.  The world has truly waxed evil, calling good evil and evil good.  Take care and please examine your heart and faith.  Please take the time.  I love you all.

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I agree, it's sad. I hope they were just trying to to make an analogy and later on in their assessment relayed the truth you spoke.




I have often wonder why God allows some DJ's to be on Christian radio, or why a Christian station will hire people to represent them who are still drinking milk.


When I get those thoughts and feelings of frustration, God reminds me of all the grace He has given me, but i tell him, Lord, but this folks have great influence etc... He reminds me that he is working on them as he is working in me. He also reminds me to pray for them.


We need to speak to the circle of influence in our life about establishing strong personal relationships with God, so they can be a blessing in all areas of their lives, including of course, their professions.


We are in bad need of mature Christians on the air ways. The time is here when Christianity is looked at as immoral, for it goes against the doctrines of the world. Some Christians today believe gay marriages are ok and they buy the garbage of the teachings of evolution. We are living in difficult times, but like you say... all that tells us that our Lord is coming.


Love and blessings to you sis.

Hi Grace,

Thank you for your post.

To start with - I'm not a fan of K-Love. They are missing God's Word.


I cringe when I hear somebody say, " Jesus died for me."

Yes, that is true, but they're missing the whole reason He came to this earth. He came to pay the sin debt of every person ever born. We are all under the curse of Adam and Eve.

When Jesus went to the cross (in our place) He nailed sin, Satan, sorrows, and death to that cross......... something only God could do.

God turned His head from looking on the sin of Jesus because He is perfectly righteous, leaving Jesus alone...... "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" We cannot comprehend, nor fathom the anguish Jesus suffered for us.

Also, Jesus did not come to fight sin, but to expose it. We still have to choose between life and death. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and the only way to God , as He said in John 14:6.


Let the world turn off K-Love, and turn on Jesus- Life.


Grace and Peace.



My brother - tuning to Jesus is always the best thing to do, but K-love is a huge blessing in our lives. Christian radio is over all much more a positive than a negative.



>>K-Love is not a huge blessing in my life, Jesus is.


I understand your statement and I am in agreement with you about Jesus being a huge blessing, but at the same time a radio station, a church, family in Christ, a job etc can also be huge blessings from our Jesus.  K-love, for those that do not know, is a Christian radio station that plays Christian music all day; they mainly play contemporary Christian music that blesses the life of millions. I like the fact that you were specific about k-love not being a huge blessing in your life, because that is your choice to make, but Christian Radio, even when the DJ's are not as matured in Christ as we may hope for them to be, blesses my life. I have learned to surround my life with all the different ways I can get the word in me. The beautiful songs found in Christian radio bless my life. I love to hear my little ones singing the songs during drives when I am not listening to biblical teachings.


Unlike you, I would not ask people to turn them off; rather, I would take the time to discuss with them the pros and cons to help them grow. I would disciple them in all things pertaining to God and Godliness.


>>Maybe I'm


Beloved - the closer we come to Jesus, the more we see the imperfection in us and in those things around us. When our relationship with him is vibrant those things that bother him, bother us. I know that the closer I am to him the more I hate those things that have the appearance of Godliness, but are empty. Do as God leads you sister. A closer walk with the Lord does take us to the place that only worshiping him in Spirit and truth satisfies. To do away with the world or things that claim to be of God, but are not, is never a bad thing. It is always a good thing.


>>Am I too rigid if I say don't take your family to this movie? 


Not at all. Kids don't need another movie full of violence in their head, nor do we. However we do like to please the flesh, even when we know we would do better not watching.


>>Am I too rigid to teach your children/family straight from the Bible.  


Hallelujah, go on and teach sis.


>>Am I too rigid if I say their music is too secular and just too doo-wappy with no real value?  


Some of their music is beautiful, for it's not k-love's music, but music that God inspired. They do have beautiful Godly songs and they also have some puff ones.


Love and blessings to you.

Just a little somin' somin' on the end of your statement David about doo-wappy. I have come to realize that not all songs are going to bless me but there are many of the doo-wap songs that blesses others like the teens or even my kids. Just because it's not our taste doesn't mean it's not Godly. I love hearing my kids sing them going down the road as well. Better then listening to them sing Gangnam Style, even tho they are kinda cute doing that dance.

David, just to share a little testimony with you. At one time, music was soooo part of my life. I clubbed a lot & loved R&B. I would go through the country stages as well. When I decided to turn my life to Christ, the only music I had ever heard was my Mama's local Christian station - Gaithers, Sandy Patty, Larnelle Harris, etc - plus lots of preaching which I totally ignored. You couldn't walk into her home without hearing it. She had an awesome Victorian home they refurbished. Under every counter, she had under-the-counter radios with it on so you got it in almost every room. However, I just came from the world & Gaithers wasn't my choice of music. I went to a Christian rehab to help me get away from the environment - the party lifestyle - as well as help me gain strength & grow in the Lord when I did return. There was a young lady that was there that had worked in a Christian book store. She gave me some tapes of Contemporary Christian singers. I thought I had already went to heaven. That's the blessing stations like K-Love has given me. Since, I have been in 3 praise & worship bands,a choir director (sang Hillsong & Israel), done many many solos as well as duets with my husband. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord brought these stations as well as newer artists into my life. As I get older, I do appreciate the older hymns more but nothing like my Praise & Worship, gospel & contemporary. Just wanted to share how the Lord has used these stations for His glory. 

Thank you for sharing Tammy. You are not alone with your sentiments for Christian radio. It is a blessing to have it.


Love and blessings sis. :)

Grace -


It's good to have you here beloved. My Lord continue to use you.

Rich, I have to disagree on the K-Love brother. I love it. I don't really have a problem with them comparing Superman to Jesus. I'm sure they were talking about the movie & said "He's kinda like Jesus". I'm sure they wasn't saying Superman was equal to Jesus or anything to that affect but then again, I didn't hear their comments. From my experience I have never been offended by anything they say but normally when the music stops & the talking begins, I'm switching the station to the local Christian station. I tune the talking out a lot. So, I cannot judge most of what they say. In my belief however, I know they meant absolutely no harm by what they said. 

First, I had to go back & see who started this discussion because I seen you kept responding in a way that this was your baby & I was coming correct. I wouldn't stake my life on what you highlighted but how do you know they did? As a Christian, I do these things often. I was just comparing what they said to my experiences in life & how I may do the same as well. I listen to the station all the time & have yet to find anything offensive though I'm not one to sit back & search for every negative I can find in someone's walk with the Lord. I'm too busy looking for the things I need to correct in my own life. Sometimes, we look so hard for what people do wrong in the their Christian walk, we lose focus of our true purpose. Yes, we should be careful in what we bring into our minds but be careful you don't miss out on a true blessing of God by always looking for the bad.


I totally agree with you about how they reach millions & need to be careful of what is said. The Lord tells us not to be so quick to desire to be a teacher because you'll be held to a higher accountability. We should pray that their desire is to grow in Christ so they can continue blessing more thru their maturity in Christ


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