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I'd like to get y'alls views on this...because for me it was truly disgusting.  And that would be a light description.

Okay, here is the description.  This morning while listening to K-love, they were plugging the movie "Super Man."  They even went as far as to say it represented Jesus, i.e. fighting evil, etc.  Said that the story was much the same...a man gave up his son to come into this world, be adopted, and spend his life fighting evil.

I'm amazed at how many "Christians" buy into this lie and go to see this movie with their little children.  She said that "Superman" gave his life.....sorry, but he was not crucified on a cross for our sins.  

This is about as ridiculous as teaching your children about "Santa Claus."   Really...what has happened to true Christianity in this time?  Does noone get into the Word anymore, doesn't anyone recognize how far we've digressed...I'm with Jesus on this one, "Will I find faith on the earth when I return?"

All this tells me is that Jesus will be coming back very very soon.  So many trying to take away His Glory.  The world has truly waxed evil, calling good evil and evil good.  Take care and please examine your heart and faith.  Please take the time.  I love you all.

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Jesus also talks about children, if a child sees Jesus as a superhero, do you think he would admonish that child? If the relationship in that moment is helped by them having that image, do you think we should destroy that if they're not ready to move from that? Or would he chide the adults for being more interested in the letter and law than helping the least among us?

The relationship is what matters.

I'm not hurt :)
Jesus corrects with truth in love and forbears. He never wants anyone to go on believing lies once they are shown truth and He would never reinforce the lie as that causes greater harm than good. I believe you are confusing keeping the law to be saved with walking in the light as children of the light. Jesus is the light. He never fights darkness with more darkness.
I see now that you aren't rejecting Acts 17. You are just using an analogy to reach people with the gospel. I am wrong in this discussion. Forgive me. Do as the Lord leads you. We want to help as many people as possible who are on the pathway to destruction to be saved. Do whatever you have to do.

Thank you Amanda :)

I must clarify that my conscience will not allow me to use the analogy, but it appears to be a matter of conscience and personal conviction to use the superhero analogy. I was certain it was wrong for everyone to use such an analogy based on Acts 17, and the part I really disliked about the movie, Man of Steel, was in the beginning, where Jor-El sends him away in the space craft and tells his wife that he'll be a god to them. He clearly is seen in the movie as a savior. There are so many references to Jesus in the movie that there's no doubt it is intentional and my biggest concern is that, for many, and especially for children, it will make Jesus be included in the category of fiction, or that God is fiction and the story of Christ just a nice fictional story, but that's just my concern. God is Sovereign and has allowed the making and viewing of the movie. I may not be able to understand the purpose but I believe what Job 42:2 says, "I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted." (NIV)

However, I think your intentions are pure in using the analogy and you aren't rejecting the truth of Acts 17.
At the risk of getting just going round in circles, seeing Jesus as a superhero is not a lie, it's not darkness. It's not totally accurate but no one ever is about God, that's the issue with finite minds reading a finite set of books trying to comprehend an infinite God - you're never going to get all of it. My views of God have changed over the last couple of years. He looks very different to me now than then. Heck I had no notion of God at 8 years old but I knew who superman and Batman were. He hasn't changed, I have. We went with what worked for me in my walk then God moved me on.

For me, Jesus saves people, he battles the darkness, he cares for the sick, helps those who can't help themselves and inspires others to do the same. That's what hero's do, that's what saviours do and when God is ready, he'll move someone from one to the other in their understanding.
We all use human reasoning when it comes to god, you can't read the bible without it, you can't think about God without it, can't speak without it.

I don't refuse to walk in the light, you're making a huge assumption that you are. The only way you can say I'm not is to put yourself on par with god, above me at the very least. Such statements have grown tiresome and do nothing to build others up. Hardly the moves to get someone to trust you. I acknowledge that people are limited and that we have different perspectives. I see all of them and see how they all work, including yours. I see how the superhero analogy works and where it's appropriate. I don't pretend it comes close to God, I don't pretend your view does either.

Now I'm hurt
I'm not speaking against using human reasoning or saying all human reasoning is wrong. If it goes against the absolute truths in God's Word then, yes, it is wrong, but I am asking you if you are going to continue holding on to your reasoning as you stated in these words:

"If someone asks me if the Superman story is the Jesus story, I'd say they are similar, they share certain ideals but there are some differences. If a child asks me if Jesus is like Superman, I'd say Yeah, he's like Superman but better."

Will you continue in this belief when God has spoken through Paul that
29 “Therefore since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone—an image made by human design and skill. 30 In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.

?? It's not necessary for you to answer me. It's between you and God.

I'm sorry for hurting you. It's not my intention and I have your best interests at heart. It's hard for me to trust people, too, but I know I must please God before men. I really do care about you. I don't want to lose your friendship. I believe the word of God revealed in the bible is not finite, nor is it fallible or has any error. Human reasoning is finite, fallible and often in error. I choose to believe Acts 17 in this matter and not the human reasoning that says it's ok to think the divine being is like gold or silver or stone—an image made by human design and skill. We have a choice and I've made mine. We're talking about Christ here. My view is biblical. That's pretty close to God isn't it?

I'm not going to repeat what I've put already but yes, it is between God and I, so what made you think you could pour scorn, demean and try to tear apart that relationship?

Seeing Jesus as a superhero is not making idols, it's a way of relating to him, it's very child like and it works for some. Again, it's about their relationship. You have yours.

We are talking about Christ, not the bible. They are not the same neither are they level with each other. You acknowledge humans error yet say your interpretation is biblical. That means you error and your view may not be biblical. We all try Amanda, don't mistaken disagreement with lack of effort.

I'm not going to fall out with you, I'm just tired of this. I do my best with what I've got and if that's not good enough then tough.
Why is my stating my stance on this topic demeaning to you? Your stance isn't demeaning to me? We disagree. I haven't scorned you. I've stated my belief and why I believe it. Why would my belief tear apart your relationship with Christ? Does your relationship with Christ depend upon who is in agreement with you or not? What is Acts 17 saying to you? It means exactly what it is saying to me. There is no scorn in my words or hate or anything that demeans. I simply believe those verses in Acts 17 and will apply them in my life. I realize your stance on the Bible and mine are very different. I have listened to you and what you have stated isn't enough to make me change why I believe what I believe about this issue. You have the liberty to disagree but not to accuse me of demeaning you and tearing apart your relationship with Christ, for I could use the same argument against you for your position on this and what you've said to me.

Amanda, I love you......


Janie, I love you, too.


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