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Wondering how all of our AAG friends are coping with the pandemic.

 We have found it hitting close to home, and need prayers. we have been out for the last 2 to 3 weeks, thought it was only the same thing we have usually every year about this time, but my wife went to the urgent care center and they gave her the test, and it came back positive, however we have been through this now for over 2 weeks, no fever or other symptoms related to the virus, just a lousy heaviness feelings. But we know God will see us through this as He has through other trials. 

But would still appreciate your prayers, 

Blessings JB.  

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Prayers going up for you brother.

Thanks Tammy can always depend on you.

I have had Covid; my husband also in October.  Thank God we did not go to the hospital.  I had no fever; but severe back pain and extreme fatigue.  My husband did have fever.  Praying God heal and comfort you both.

Thanks Michelle, Same here I had a little fever one night, but that was about all. No hospital for either of us. 

Thank God for His mercy, and grace. Stay safe.


Hi JB,

I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now.  How are you both doing now?

That's Ok Carla, I know there's not much going on here anymore, sad though I always liked coming to the site and reading the questions that so many have about the bible from various beliefs, and reading the responses. 

Thanks for asking, we are both doing well, the experience we had with the virus, was no more than a light touch of the flu. Sure feel sorry for all those that didn't recover from it. We had a close friend that didn't survive, however he had underling problems with his lungs, was on an oxygen machine, 

I sure didn't like the way our election turned out. But my hope is not in who is in the White house, but who is in my heart. May the Lord Bless and keep you safe. JB

Thanks JB.  I'm so glad you are both doing well now.  It has been difficult for so many people.  I think I had it in Rome last year at the beginning of the outbreak in Rome when i traveled with my son before it hit Canada or the USA.   It was pretty difficult to breathe for a few days.  I'd like to have an antibodies test done.

Lord Bless you also.  Maranatha.

Agree on the election but as you said, our hope is NOT in the White House. 

Hi JB, God bless you! 

I believe I had covid too. They didn't have a test when I had covid. I was very weak and it hurt to cough. I think I gave it to everyone around me. It lasted about 2 months. We didn't know what it was at the time.

Yesterday I got a vaccine. Praise the Lord! It's like a flu shot. 

Are you and wife okay now? 


Hello Mary thanks so much for responding. Very pleased and happy you are feeling much better. we never did get a flu shot, except my wife did get one several years ago, but says she will never get another one. The dr. never did suggest that she get a shot for this "what ever it was" they did test her, but I never did go in for a test, nor a shot. funny though, she tested positive, but what I had was the same as what I had been getting every year, at least the symptoms were the same. But thank God we are doing fine now, the only thing that is draining us now is packing and trying to find another house, we sold ours and have till March to find another one. This is the first time we have moved in 44 years. Our present house is too big for us to maintain, plus three acres is too much for me to take care of since all the kids are gone. We do enjoy having the grand kids and great grand kids out, but they are not coming around as much as they used to. So it's time to move on. 

May the Lord bless and keep you and family safe during this stressful time. 




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