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 I was always under the impression this was to be a discussion forum, but it seems no one wants to discuss anything anymore so I have decided to bow out for now. Maybe later on will rejoin.

I'm not into reading someone's preaching or teaching, there are other groups for that. 

Lord Bless every one till He comes. Who knows when?


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I'll miss you though we never talk on here. lolol. Hit me up on Facebook anytime friend. 

Will do Tammy. I see you on there a lot, but it is usually on messenger, and I don't like messenger. LOL

We are moving this coming Thursday not far from here, but a lot smaller place, 4 bed rooms and 2,800 sq ft. house and 3 acres of trees, is no place for someone our age. Now we will have a city lot, 2 beds, 3 full baths, full basement. Will have time to rest and study the bible more. 

I hope you understand why I'm laying off of here for awhile. I also think you have my email, don't you?


May your move run smoothly - of course, they're never that smooth. lol I've done a lot of those over the past years.

Hi JB, 

I didn't know you were on facebook.  I just sent you a friend request there.

Hi JB, Let me know when you return so we can continue our discussions under "Are the gifts of God extinct?" Mark


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