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In my Women's Bible study the other day, Muslims were brought up. One lady said that all Muslims are not like the radical ones. She defended the Muslims saying they were peaceful & the peaceful ones were the true ones. Actually, 2 of the ladies said this while 2 of us disagreed. I'm going to call those who defended the Muslims Side A & I'm calling those who oppose their religion Side B. Side A gave the example of the 'Christians' who blew up abortion clinics. She was saying they are the radical Christians. Side B  disagreed & said that those so-called Christians who committed acts of violence against the abortion clinics weren't true Christians. They said, our point exactly. They are not true Muslims. 

I, Side B, then gave an example of a video I had seen. It was a radical Muslim standing before all Muslims. He was having a show of hands. He said, "Please raise your hands if you are a radical Muslim." No one raised their hands. Then he began reading the Quran or quoting some of the Scriptures asking them if they believed people should be put to death for certain offenses. They all raised their hands in agreement to the multiple examples. The guy said So There. There is no difference between the radical Muslims & the regular Muslims. When I gave this example, Side A began to say things about the Christians in the New Testament. 

After this, Side B just sat back & didn't say anything else. In a case like this when confronted with the Old Testament, how does one defend those actions? I know they were acts of God or God-led but He was quite violent back in the day. He never took hostages & would kill the women & children. I know there were always reasons & purposes behind these decisions of killings. However, what if they return with the argument that the Muslims could argue the same? What would you say in a case like this? Does this make sense with the back & forth & stuff? I can see it in my head but not sure I expressed it correctly here. 

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If you review when God condoned wars in the OT, you will find they were fighting against corrupt and evil nations, against those who were vile and wicked, those who sought to kill God's people.  God never ordered the killing of every unbeliever.  Muslims however do.  They call everyone who is not a Muslim an infidel.  Whether those are fighting against them or treating them horribly, they are still to put them to death. 


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