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What's life after death? Who believes in heaven and hell? I believe in heaven and hell. Whoever believes in God,believes in heaven and hell. Heaven is for good and nobody wants to go in hell but we do things that we are bound to go to hell. Yes we must believe in ourselves that we will go to heaven but believing isn't just enough. We must do things that deserves heaven. Be a God's child and we will go to heaven. Heaven's road is very narrow whereas hell's road is very wide apart. So we know what's good and bad. Just we need to walk on the right path. Love You God. Amen..

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Hi Ananya

Please remember, heaven came down to us in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God loves you so much and proved that by sending His Son to die for you. His love for you will never fade or fail, you are so valuable to him. We cannot do things that deserve heaven, it is a gift of God. Our good works are a result of our salvation. Our goal should not just be to get to heaven, but to be more like Christ here on earth, to the people around us.

Jesus Christ is Lord,  that's really all we need to know!

Be blessed!


Yes,so true Dave.


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