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I originally came here 12+ years ago.

I met many good prayer warriors, and did I need prayer!

Just wondering who is still active?


P.S. one brother even called on the phone to pray for me...that was nice.

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Actually, only about 2 sometimes 3 of us. I'm surprised the site is still around but it keeps hanging on.

I guess I'm still one of the die-hards, LOL

I've always enjoyed the conversations that were started here as well, but seems some just faded away. 

It has been some time sense I was last here. wondering where all the old gang went, LT, Seek, Amanda, of course Tammy and Carla and many others. We should see if we can get it started again, seeing all the trouble we are experiencing here in the USA these days. With all the reports of the virus, who is still on board? 



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