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If one asks, how do you know there is a God what would be your reply? 

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I'm reading a book "Choosing Your Faith" by Mark Mittelberg & these questions came to mind.

Bummer ... I don't save my comments. When you deleted them in the other discussion they are gone ... (sobbing mildly while contemplating retyping it from memory :-)

Yea, when I deleted the question & you guys told me to start another one, I went back to retrieve them & they were all gone. I said WHERE ARE THEY? 

That's happened to me before when deleting my comments and everything connected to it has been deleted. I'm afraid to delete now because of it.

I'll definitely know next time. I had no clue. 

It was a very good comment about four kinds of revelation, possibly five, and you said without the Spirit to open hearts and eyes and ears, the other types of revelation are ineffective. Creation, the word of God, the Son, the Spirit. Was there another? Maybe you said just four.

Thanks for picking it up. The other was seen in His interaction with His creation (i.e. miracles, O.T. appearances, etc).

Lord Bless,


There are many things that we cannot see, but that doesn't mean that they do not exist. For example, for the longest time we couldn't see germs. We now know they exist.

I know whom I have believed. I have seen too much evidence of Him. God has proven Himself to me. Open your heart and give Christ a chance. I promise you will not be disappointed. Romans 10:9,10



Very insightful Mary

A few things come to mind in the physical, such as the orderly way nature functions. 

Every seed and creature after it's 'own kind'. 

Humans in their fallen nature have tried to mess with this....Such as breeding a donkey with horse to make a mule.  But Mules can't make baby mules. 

Killer bees are also a result of human error.

Just as a building needs a builder... Creation needs a Creator.

The fact that people care and all...shows me that someone who also cares and loves is a driving force behind that.

Evil in the world shows me the very real battle that is going on. 

My personal testimony, and the testimonies of MANY MANY people....people who say their lives are changed due to Jesus Christ. 

I'm not the same as I used to be. 

I echo Mary's words  "I know whom I have believed" ...Amen.

lololol I never knew a horse and a donkey made a donkey. Didn't know about the killer bees either. Amazing what you can still teach an old dog.

I don't think you can use logic to determine your faith in God. God reveals Himself to those He will. I absolutely don't know how to figure that out. However, using logic, nothing else makes any sense at all to me. For me I don't care how many years you use to say we evolved from nature (where I don't even know where that came from) life could not evolve. What we say nature did blindly with no designing ability whatever, we can't begin to duplicate in the best of labs man can come up with. 

I feel sorry for those who don't know God. To those who believe life makes sense. To those who don't believe nothing makes any sense. Our world is lost because of unbelief. Why do I believe when the guy standing beside me does not? Why do I have this gift of faith? Am I smarter? Am I a better person? Do I believe because I choose to believe? Does God predestine those who will believe? 

Do some not believe because they are really bad and do not want a god telling them what they can and cannot do? Do they choose not to believe simply because they want to live a life of sin? We could go even further. Why do some say they believe in God but not in Jesus? Jesus told us that only those that were drawn by the Father could come to Him. This is an issue that has perplexed us since the beginning. For sure, we must have the Spirit of God to understand and know Him:

1 Cor 2:14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. NIV

In Ephesians 2: 8&9, the Word appears to be saying that I really don't have much to do with my faith if anything at all. I must admit that I don't take any credit at all for this faith I am possessed with. I know I am no better than the next guy. I don't believe I chose to believe. I don't think I am smart enough to figure it all out. I believe faith is a gift. Some believe that we choose. If so, we chose well. In my case, I kind of believe that if He had left anything up to me, I would never have given my entire life in service to Him. Yet, I did. I could do nothing else. Our faith saves us from our sin. Can I hear a shout? 

I have no question in my mind. There is a God and He has revealed Himself to me through His Son Jesus and saved me from all my sin. Wow! Am I blessed or what? If you believe in Him as well, you are highly blessed and highly favored. 


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