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Years ago I met several ladies who wanted nothing to do with Christianity. They felt that Christians believed that sex is wrong. Today I met a Christian lady who believes that Sex is only meant for reproduction. In her view sex should be avoided in both married and unmarried people unless a married couple wishes to have a kid. I think this view point is a little messed up. Yes sex does create Children but Children are also a gift from the Lord. Meaning just cause a married couple makes love doesn't mean God will grant them kids. Which is one of the reasons I think her view is flawed. In a perfect world. A world before Sin came into the world, it seems to me that God had someone for everyone and He wanted everyone to be fruitful and multiply. But after Sin came into the world, things got messed up and because of that not everything is natural in the purest sense. I think God allows a married couple to choose if they want to have kids or not. But it is a limited choice, in that God can override that choosing whenever He pleases. As well as He can give us kids He and only He reserves the right to take them away. What is your view? Is Sex within marriage only meant for reproduction?

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 Keep your wife away from that lady. Dont even let her get close to you or your family. The last thing a man needs is for their wives to start getting ideas about when they should be giving it up. Sex is like air for the man. A wise woman will know this and a smart man will take care of his wife, cherish her, respect her, love her, and he will have no trouble having sex with her. 

we kiss and cuddle as for sex its somut we remember afar off !

I ran across this again today. I have many emails backed up & am trying to get to my old ones. Another thing I would like to say is if anyone thinks sex is only meant for reproduction, they doing something wrong.


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