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Often times when I talk to people online, things come up that trigger me into looking into something that I don't normally look into.  This is a good example of something that I have looked into a long time ago, and wound up shrugging my shoulders and moving on with my life.  The thing is Music is a hard topic to wrap one's mind around and to boil it down to simple right and wrong.  Some people think music is very spiritual, I know I used to think so, but in recent years I began to feel it's more just emotional art that only effects those that choose to allow it...  But that is just an opinion I had for a while.  The truth is Music doesn't help my worship of God.  In fact I'd rather God to a Church just to hear the sermon, and skip all the musical nonsense.  To Me the Message of and Fellowship of Church is more important then how the "Noise" they call worship music makes me feel.  It is true that for a Church service I'd prefer more traditional stuff, and in real life at work, I like music with some real umpff  because I'm USING it to get me motivated, when otherwise my Body would prefer Sleep over work. 


Often times guys in a Video like this pick on Rock N Roll music.  But as someone that has over done listening to music...  Rock N Roll and Classical almost seems the same to me.  One emphasizes more the beat while the other emphasizes the Melody.  But when examined you can see the same properties in both.  It's like cooking.   In one dish you make it spicy, in another dish you make it sweet.  When you get into stuff like country, which I feel I need to add that it often times doesn't have a good lyrical message either, it exists as something in between Rock and Classical.  Many of today's Country bands have all the elements of that of a rock band with only a few variations that gives it a country flavor.

At work I often go from something very Heavy to something Extremely light.  I know some folks think I'm weird for being able to do this.  But the reality is I have learned to make use of Music.  If my body needs something to get it going, then something Heavy might do the trick.  But I might need something that will sooth me, then the light stuff will do the trick.  One Change I've seen in myself is I don't like Lyrics like I used too.  I feel like the world is a mess, the news tells me this, I experience it, why do I want to hear about it in my Music???  In recent years I've become more drawn to Instrumentals.  Anyways these are just some of my opinions and feelings that I would like you to consider as you watch this Video.  I ask that nobody comment unless you first watch the whole thing!



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 addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, Ephesians 5:19

I believe as long as the music promotes the worship of our Lord it's fine.

The old hymns are often steeped in doctrine and are not only good for worship but also for learning. The newer more contemporary music, thought not rich in doctrine, does give the worshiper a venue to worship the Lord and often brings a message of Gods love along with other Biblical messages.

I know I have been reminded on several occasions of my responsibilities with Christian rock music. "Lead Me" from Sanctus Real is one of my favorites and reminds me how God would have me  care for my family.

Music, like anything else can be corrupt and evil. It can also be beautiful and true. I would say that when gospel music spurs an emotion, it is because the words remind a person of a fault, feeling, blessing or of Gods love among other things.

Feelings or emotions are God given. We have feelings of guilt when convicted by the Holy Spirit. We have feelings of love when we find our spouse or reflect on Jesus' sacrifice. We have feelings of belonging when we fellowship. There are also feelings that need to be checked at the cross, hatred, contempt, lust, along with others. What we do with these feelings is our choice but God clearly wants us to enjoy the good feelings and control the bad. God Himself has feelings.

If music makes someone feel closer to God, I would be happy for them. Sometimes the words themselves become a prayer to our Lord. I think if we are singing to the Lord words that are pleasing to Him...He smiles.




I'm listening to Matt Redman as I type this, I help with the sound desk at my local church. Music is a combination of musical notes, its neutral. It's how its used that matters. I've used UK Hardcore/Rave to praise and worship God to before.

There is music that is aimed at worshiping the devil but that doesn't mean we should discard all music, neither should the fact Hitler liked classical music. So what if he did? Mother Theresa did too.

Music has helped me open my heart to God, which helps bring me closer to him. I dont always need it but sometimes God uses music to break down barriers that have been put up.

depends on what music makes one do when listening, if it turns one against Gods will for one to live a peacefull life then for a believer in God such music is a no no, but if it leads one to a closer walk with God then its His music but the opposite would be that of man and the enemy of God ie S atan/

I love music.  It's always been a big part of my life.  When I surrendered to the Lord, my preferred choice is Christian music..  However, I do still enjoy classical.  I've always enjoyed classical, it's part of my upbringing which has stayed with me.  I also like broadway musicals and the music from them... Primarily, I listen to Christian music.


Is music of God or of Satan?

God honoring music is of God.   I love music..  I'm listen to Matt Redmon right now too..

This video:

Great song.. The final words' 'Yours is the Glory'.. All Glory to God.

Most Christians that i have been around told me this if it has riffs, drums or guitars then its bad music but if its  soft or weak sounding with little to no sound then  its God music and that is what heaven would sound like

i grew as a child banned from listening to rock and metal in my religious home up  until i became 18  the only rock or metal music that i could  to listen to was from movies when i was a kid, and when i first watched this  one movie  i heard paradise city  and i was in love with the song but i had no idea who song it because i was not allow to listen to that wonderful music before so now im obsessed with it

i was raised on, rap,  religious music and rnb but soon as i grew up  i ran and dove straight  in to rock and metal music because i was never allowed to listen to it before and once i discovered for the first time what i was missing i grabbed on an never let go 

Guns & Roses girlfriend. Guns & Roses. LOLOLOL

yes i know about tons of band now but as a child growing up i did not know any band names because of religion i was banned from listening to any  rock or metal music until i became 18  because mom said that she had to protect us 

Lashana see if you like these artist;


I do like them i know of them 

I listen to many types of music and i think that rock and metal  music is the best out there

i visit here alot


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