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Often times when I talk to people online, things come up that trigger me into looking into something that I don't normally look into.  This is a good example of something that I have looked into a long time ago, and wound up shrugging my shoulders and moving on with my life.  The thing is Music is a hard topic to wrap one's mind around and to boil it down to simple right and wrong.  Some people think music is very spiritual, I know I used to think so, but in recent years I began to feel it's more just emotional art that only effects those that choose to allow it...  But that is just an opinion I had for a while.  The truth is Music doesn't help my worship of God.  In fact I'd rather God to a Church just to hear the sermon, and skip all the musical nonsense.  To Me the Message of and Fellowship of Church is more important then how the "Noise" they call worship music makes me feel.  It is true that for a Church service I'd prefer more traditional stuff, and in real life at work, I like music with some real umpff  because I'm USING it to get me motivated, when otherwise my Body would prefer Sleep over work. 


Often times guys in a Video like this pick on Rock N Roll music.  But as someone that has over done listening to music...  Rock N Roll and Classical almost seems the same to me.  One emphasizes more the beat while the other emphasizes the Melody.  But when examined you can see the same properties in both.  It's like cooking.   In one dish you make it spicy, in another dish you make it sweet.  When you get into stuff like country, which I feel I need to add that it often times doesn't have a good lyrical message either, it exists as something in between Rock and Classical.  Many of today's Country bands have all the elements of that of a rock band with only a few variations that gives it a country flavor.

At work I often go from something very Heavy to something Extremely light.  I know some folks think I'm weird for being able to do this.  But the reality is I have learned to make use of Music.  If my body needs something to get it going, then something Heavy might do the trick.  But I might need something that will sooth me, then the light stuff will do the trick.  One Change I've seen in myself is I don't like Lyrics like I used too.  I feel like the world is a mess, the news tells me this, I experience it, why do I want to hear about it in my Music???  In recent years I've become more drawn to Instrumentals.  Anyways these are just some of my opinions and feelings that I would like you to consider as you watch this Video.  I ask that nobody comment unless you first watch the whole thing!



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The alphabet only has 27 letters and we can make millions of words with it. Music only has a set amount of notes to make music with.


Just like we can use the alphabet to make horrible words that hurt people and offend them. We can do the same with music. So Rock and roll is not the same as classical. Their motives and intent needs to also be taken into consideration.


Worshiping God with our lips, voices, instruments and  heart in Spirit and truth is not nonsense. I am really sorry to hear you have not found the beauty of it. But the good news is that is there for you to find it. You are missing out in a huge part of our worship experience.  


This is what one of the best known Satanist states about their use of music. What do you think about this short vid?

This looks like Lady GaGa & if it is, she is quite the doozy. She has an awesome voice but leans on these stupid costumes to make her. 



The fact that Satanist may like classical music says nothing about nothing. The fact that Hitler liked classical music means nothing to classical music.


>>Rock N Roll is artistically put together sound and so is Classical. Hence it is the same.


They are the same in the fact that they are artistically put together, but that is as far as their similarities go. They also of course share the instruments, but the intent, motive as well as source are extremely important. To ignore that truth is to ignore a lot.


Again - I am truly sorry to hear that you have not felt the benefits of worship music that is made by the people of God that seek to bring Him glory and praise through their music. YOu are missing out a lot. We are creatures who feel and God does work through our emotions as much as He works through our intellect. To ignore that is to ignore a lot again.


You lie, so are you saying you are not trust worthy. We all lie, so are we all not trust worthy?


No - I do not think so. We repent and keep pressing on. Longing to be more and more like Christ as our mind is renewed by His word.

27 letters in the alphabet?  Who's alphabet?

LOLOL Seek. I guess David made up a letter on his own.

There are more alphabets than just the English and there used to be 29 letters in the Spanish alphabet but I believe they recently dropped two and have 27 now.

I wondered about that...Velasquez?  Spanish alphabet.  But I didn't know they dropped some letters so I thought even that didn't work.  They had at least 3 more I can think of off the top of my head, ll, rr and ñ.

I took Spanish in the 9th grade and remember the rolling rr sound. I could never say it right or make that sound!

I took French & you have to sound like your about to hock an oyster when you say the r sound

Well, I figured since he was speaking English, he was talking about English


Bro Gregory,


"The thing is Music is a hard topic to wrap one's mind around and to boil it down to simple right and wrong."


I think the hard thing about music is not determining which one is acceptable and which one is not for a born again Christian. The hard thing is dying to our flesh. The hard thing is doing God's will when we have to let go of something we like. The flesh wars against the Spirit. We know what is right and what is wrong, but we are extremely good at justifying almost everything and music is no exemption.


The brother in the video you posted, which I watched in its entirety, it's right on in some things and goes to extremes, unhealthy extremes in others. He misses the fact that all of us struggle to remain faithful in the calling God has called us to walk.


The people gifted with talents in the music department have tremendous temptations thrown at them and they need our prayers. There are some groups and solo musicians out there that do not have any business calling their music Christian, but many bring much glory to the Lord.


So what do you think of the video you posted? 





:) We are in agreement about our opinion about the vid. I do encourage you to ask God to help you find the beauty of worship music through our intellect and emotions.


Blessings to you brother


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