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Internet Church Service – May 16, 2021; The main issue for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is the viewpoint of the individual, is it positive or negative?


Today’s Sermon Message:

The main issue for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is the viewpoint of the individual, is it positive or negative?

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The following link is to a good news message describing how one can receive eternal life: Ticket to Heaven, it was written for anyone not absolutely certain about their eternal future.

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It's obvious that you don't wish to talk with me

Hi JB, This is my 4th attempt to reply, it all disappears near the end, the replies that vanished took about 45 min to write. I'll try to reply again this coming week. From now on, I'm going to do all my replies in WORD then copy paste them because this websites reply program isn't friendly. Mark

Hello Mark,

I never have problems when replying in the discussion forum.

Try contacting Carla, or Tammy for help. I tried to awaken LT, and Amanda, some of the others that used to be very active in this forum.

I don't like using chat, at times it would get so congested one didn't know who you were replying to. 

I really don't need a novel, just a simple reply giving positive scriptures supporting your convictions, or persuasions.  

Like answering the questions I last posted here. 

I find most people wont read long drawn out replies. 

I found this out from LT.  


Hi JB,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Regarding your reply post from the May 16th church service.


You wrote: The main issue for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is the viewpoint of the individual, is it positive or negative?


Question: did you just read the notes of the sermon or did you listen to the full video?


Question: did you have a question on this sermon title?


Within the context of the first few lines of the notes, it is true. However, if you are asking about the words positive and negative regarding the overall objective of Bible Truth, a believer is either positive or negative towards bible truth.


If one is positive to accurate bible teaching, it’s important that you follow the protocol of preparation for learning God’s Word each time you listen or read what I post in the bible studies and church sermons; which is to be in fellowship with God the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the actual teacher, not the pastor-teacher. If you are not abiding in Christ [in fellowship with Him] when being taught the HS can’t teach you. A more simple explanation is, before you begin a bible article, sermon, study; is to: cite or name any known sin you’ve committed to The Father, this will put you in fellowship with The Holy Spirit, Christ and God the Father. The following is a seminary definition of the filling of the Holy Spirit.


Abiding in Christ  –  Essential agreement with the teachings and commandments of Christ (1 John 2:24) that is maintained by resisting temptation to sin (1 John 2:1). "Abiding in Christ" is synonymous with "fellowship with Christ." The Christian is either (a) in carnality, resulting from personal sin, or (b) in fellowship with God, resulting from personal, private, confession of sin directly to God as a part of our priestly ministry. Thus, confession of personal sin—an admission of personal responsibility—is the basis for our restoration to fellowship with God and the filling by means of the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, the believer has the ability to be spiritually self-sustaining—to maintain fellowship with God. (Psalm 32:5; 1 John 1:9; Luke 15:18).


Abiding is both necessary and indispensable for spiritual growth and fruit production. (John 15:1-10). In fellowship with God, the believer's task is to mature, to grow in the knowledge of Biblical truth, and to handle the blessings and trials of life in occupation with Christ. Abiding in Christ is not a result of a pious life, acts of penance, asking for forgiveness, feeling sorry for sin, or any other emotion, feeling, or work.


The following is a seminary definition of the The Holy Spirit’s convicting ministry.


Convicting Ministry – This is a present ministry of God the Holy Spirit, by which He causes the individual sinner to comprehend Gospel truths related to the "sin, righteousness, and judgment" of John 16:7-11.  Scripture reveals that the minds of unbelievers are blinded by Satan to the light of the gospel (2 Corinthians 4:3; 2 Corinthians 4:4). The veil over the eyes of the unbeliever is removed by the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit. "Sin" refers to the unpardonable sin— "they believe not on me" ( John 16:9). "Righteousness" is the imputed righteousness of Christ, without which the unbeliever must rely on his own inadequate relative righteousness. "Judgment" is an allusion to the Cross of Christ, where He efficaciously ( John 1:29) bore the sin of the world and wrought a judgment against "the prince of this world," Satan ( John 16:11; cf. Colossians 2:14-15). The unbeliever is then convinced that it is a pardon which he cannot achieve on his own behalf, but rather, he must believe in the work of Christ, as his substitute, for salvation.


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