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Welcome To Your Thought-Provoking,Faith-lifting and Mind Compelling Weekly Online Spot:
Volume 01: Series 02- XMAS EDITION
Caption: The Holy "THING" in the "Manger-Box".
Thoughts' Aisle: Please, follow Me as we walk through the aisle of the thought-box in just few exciting minutes. Da! Dido oo!
Here we kick-start the baking of the thought:
Even with my supertext-mind,trying to stitch the thought-thread of the message that links us in the present to the reality of the whole content of the "Holy Thing" (Luke 2:35) in the manger-box of life,is always unusually not possible because the joyous proclamation by the Angel Mary was beyond human comprehension and fathomability.
To some people today, and of course the ordinary minds, for the "Holy Thing" and the Son-child in the womb of Mary to be born in the manger- a very tight and lowly place of life, it epitomises shame, limitation, obscurity and a kind of never-to-rise situation. Meaning a Conclusion before 'eventation'.
But, to the All-Wise-God, the Manger which looked like an ambience of obscurity and poverty was just a portrait and symbol of a Humble King of the Universe, spiritual purity and peace.What does this mean to us Christians today? It denotes that "no matter the situation you may find yourself:
1) Do not draw conclusion on your life because of temporary circumstance(s).
2) When you see the invisible you become invincible and do the impossible.
3)Do not a wrong label and negative interpretation about your life at that moment. Give it time!
4) You must deliberately learn to name your kind of "life in-the-box-situation and experience according to GOD'S WORD and not your feeling.
Lastly, today the "Holy Thing" in what seemed like a manger-box has conspicuously become the "Manager of bundles of lives, talents, destinies and the entire universe.
Many life in the Christiandom have been trapped in the box of sorrow, tears, untimely death, career failure,inter alia.But just as our Lord Jesus broke out of the Manger into an enviable prominence and found favour, you are breaking out from the "box" - that seemingly impossible condition too, into your Divinely ordained greatness In Jesus' Precious Name, amen.
Watch Out For the next series of this programme next week( Any Day)
Please say after Me:
By the POWER that turned the Holy Thing in the womb of Mary into a Son-child, I break out from any spiritual box that has been limiting my manifestation In Jesus' Name,amen.
Ebenezer Blessed Matthew.

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Hi Potus,

I have no idea what any of this means.  Could you please explain it?  What do you mean when you refer to Angel Mary?

Thanks, Carla

I'm with you Carla. I'm like HUH??


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