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It is very heartbreaking to see how far downhill our country has gone with all the illegal election activity.  This has been very difficult for me and grieves me deeply.   I pray every day for our nation and our President Trump.  I believe God has a plan in all of this.  America is one nation under God.  This has been a very tough year for all of us.  I pray God help us.

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Things do look very fishy doesn't it. They say they have sworn affidavits of voter fraud, and the other side says there's no indication of wide spread voter fraud. As for my self, I believe there has been a lot of fraudulent things going on. I hate to think of this great nation falling in the hands of socialism, we still have on our currency "IN GOD WE TRUST"  but on the other hand we have a lot of atheist that are in key positions in our government that has said their agenda is to dominate the world with their religious beliefs. 

Better get prayed up HUH? 

Blessings JB 


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