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How many of these have you posted? I looked on your profile page & the whole entire page is filled with posts of I love You my Lord. 

You have convinced me by the way.

I was convinced a long time ago as well.

She posted this exact same thing on page after page after page esp on her Blog. I was saying OK, I get it. You convinced me. Now, go delete all of those posts because I ain't got time for it. 

Need help?

Then just unfollow me please. I don’t know what else to write. I promised myself that i will write something everyday and i got nothing to write or i am just becoming worthless of calling myself as God’s child

I'm not following you. I just get an email notification every time someone posts a discussion. Now that you've shared why you post what you do, I want to ask that you forgive me. I would never want to stand in the way of you praising the Lord in whatever means you find necessary. 

Hello Ananya,

I have also noticed your daily posts. I don’t see anything wrong with them. 
I actually see devotion and dedication in the desire that you have to keep your heart and mind focused on our Lord. 
Its normal to sometimes struggle with the words to express more than what you’re saying, but I suspect there is a deep devotion and prayer going on with each post that we can’t see or understand and that’s ok. Those things are between you and God. Jesus understands and that’s enough. 

If there is ever a time that you want to express more than this and want help putting it in words please feel free to reach for help. 

Blessings, Carla 

NET Moderator/Admin

Thank you Carla for understanding. I feel so full now. The day when i got their replies, i felt bad and still that feeling wasn’t going away and the moment I saw your comment ,my heart couldn’t be more satisfied than that. Thank you so much. I hope people understand you as you understand people. I can’t thank you enough for whatever you said. God bless you.

You’re welcome Ananya. God Bless you.  


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