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Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven?

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LOVE your comments. Especially: "The Father actually drags us to Jesus."

Wow. What a picture! I have to agree, God dragged me to Jesus, sometimes with humor and sometimes with stern determination. Hah. Thanks for that, I'm smiling as I think about it. 


Rich Mullins was a great poet - I suspect he learned music because it's hard to get poetry heard by the masses in books now. I suspect that his early life was full of struggle to understand his life and that out of that confusion he gained deep insight to the wondrous mercy and grace of God. 


Yes, light reveals and God is the Great Revealer. We have to be looking to Him for revelation, in order to receive it. 

Excellent questions Scribe..  very important.

I would like to see these questions posted in a separate discussion...  answering them will serve as a means of training each of us to be prepared for effective evangelism.  We know that God is the One who prepares hearts... but we can do our part by knowing the answers and unpacking it for people.

Hey Bev, I didn't mean to insult with that "trite" comment! It's really that I'm making a blanket condemnation of church discipleship methods. I think teaching by rote works for 2nd graders, but that for adults we need to do more. Unfortunately, what we tend to do is teach what to think, rather than how to understand. But, really I didnt' mean to slam your statements (or anyone else here). 


Sorry. My bad. 



I agree with your premise. I can;t stand the "Parrot Syndrome." People need to be on a quest to not only "Know what they believe," But also "Why they believe it." Used this as a sarcastic illustration yesterday: "Well, I believe this because my pastor told me to believe it."


Lord BLess,


Mischelle, I think you are truly getting to the heart of things on this topic. Christ is the way... because through a relationship with him we learn to walk the walk of Jesus. Christ is the truth, because he lived, breathed and taught the way of the Master. He is the life, because Jesus Himself is LIFE itself and He walked in LIFE as a demonstration of the power of LIFE. 


Therefore, Jesus calls us to follow and build our lives that way. It's not enough to wear a label, or carry a banner. All manner of evil has been done under the sign of a cross; that does not make those things OF JESUS. That does not mean those people doing those things were His people. 


We dare not think that simply calling ourselves "christian" makes us better or more prepared for Heaven than the next person.


Consider the parable of the "Good Samaritan". The men who ignored the man lying on the road were Jews, men of the Covenant, teachers and mediators for God, men who were charged with the Oracles of God.  Yet they were unrighteous in their deeds. The Samaritan was theologically warped, from a bad school of bad doctrine and not from the people of the Covenant. Yet he did what was right in the eyes of Jesus - the Master. 


We have to realize that there are always two parts to our relationship with God: His love and commitment to us, and our love and commitment to Him. It's a relationship. It's partnership. That's why we are called the "bride of Christ" the ultimate intimate partnership given to man is marriage. 

Yes..  absolutely!  Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Thank God there is one way.

" our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the father except through Him. " JOHN 14:6

" Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven

given unto men by which we must be saved." ACTS 4:12

Greetings Sister Mischelle,


Sounds like you have found the straight gate with the narrow path that few people find. Amen. Good for you.

Some suggested Scripture reading describing a relationship with Christ is found in the Book of John, 15:1-17.


Also, include me on your list of friends praying for your relationships.


Grace and Peace.

Hi Sister Bev,


I agree with you and Mr. Joubert completely.

A few years ago I decided to stop trying to explain the Holy Trinity as water, steam, and ice; or to visualize a triangle, or even as an actor wearing three different masks, etc,etc,etc.


So, my statement now is simple - There's God the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. THE THREE ARE ONE, AND THE ONE IS THREE. I cannot explain it. I JUST BELIEVE IT. That's where our faith kicks in.

After all, God, Himself says in Isaiah 55:8-9, " For My thoughts are not your thoughts,Neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.(9) For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than yours.".


Bev, I hear Him saying there that we can't understand Him, let alone explain Him. Amen.


Grace and Peace.


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