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There are many Angels:

1) Nature and Position of the angels.

2) Gaurdian angels.

3) Fallen angels.

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Hello Maria,


How many Angels do we have?

The word angel means messenger.  One of the primary purposes of angels is to deliver messages to God’s people.


 Hebrews 1:14: “Are they [angels] not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?



The word of God teaches us that there are multitudes of angels awaiting God's command to come to our aid. As to  a specific number of angels that we have, I have no idea, for the bible does not talk about it.


Do you mean how many angels do we have assigned to us? Kind of like the popular believe of guardian angels or how many angels do we have inside of us?

Hello David,

I was also wondering about how many angels or guardian angels do we have.

Hello Maria,


As I said before, I have no idea.

ok sorry I am add lol

An inquisitive mind is a blessing :)

Thanks for your blessing and patients.

Thank You for your reply. God Bless You!

Nature and position of the angels:

Who Makes his angels spirits, His ministry a falme of fire. Ps. 104:4

You make man a little lower then the the angels. Heb. 2:7

Whereas angels, who are freater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord. 2Peter 2:11

Let us consider his whole multitude of His angles-how they stand ready to minister to His will. For the Scripture says,

"Ten thousand times ten thousand stood around Him, and thousands of thousands ministered to Him" [Isa.50:10]

Althought I am in chains [for Christ], That does not mean I understand heavenly things. I do not comprehend the places of the angels and their gatherings all things invisible and invisibe under their respective princes.








I really do not think it matters much what places angels have or their gatherings. Personally preoccupation with angels is not merited or recommended. They are just angels. Fallen ones/demons and holy ones, God's servants.


I think we do better studying God and all things pertaining to walking by faith. 

Ok your are right I will drop the angel story.



Well - is ok to know about angels what the bible talks to us about them, but be careful  not to fall into the adoration of them. That's all, they are just angels. :)


Blessings to you

I know that only God is to be worshiped not angels. But angels do protect us also when God sends them to help us. Just like the two angels God sent lot to save him and his family.


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