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  1. Good morning, I know this is wrong but I have no other option but what I am about to do now. My name is Kenneth form the state of cleveland ohio. I am in great need of financial help to safe my dying son he is just barely 8years old and now suffering with cancer. I really need financial help I had to quit my job to be with him in the hospital bed cus he is all have got. Please somebody anybody willing to help me will be highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless us all 

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You ever considered setting up a GoFundMe page? There are many other sites like it as well.

Tammy, I thought the Shriners, or St. Jude would be a good place to start.

St. Jude's def. Not sure if Shriners has any type of funds whatsoever since they spend all of theirs on conventions, hotels, parties & parades.

No I havnt tried that, I have been very busy and off with my son's current situation 

I read your post and im included   already i can give some a little money if your just near us but because your far away i can only pray for you hope your son is still alive .. God bless

I understand that raven. You can help me through cashapp or western union anything would help please.God bless you 

i  have cellphone here and sim card and I can use my cash on hand here to convert to digital money but i dont know what cash app we can use, i have a little money here can donate 20 dollars to you a 1000php from Philippines, me too im jobless a long time so i have little money save, for my food, i hope it can help

Hi Kenneth,

Do you have an update for us on how everything is going?

Thanks.  God Bless and Keep you.


He is in the intensive care unit receiving treatment . Thank you 

Thanks for the update Kenneth..  continued prayers.

How are you holding up?

Might be a good idea to look at dept counselling to see if they can reduce your`e expenditure or Bank advisers  using minimum pay back Draw back payments it might reduce you`expenditure and also claim tax returns and interest free payments or  see if you can get a bursary financial support  or interest free loan look at budgeting first  I will ask friends if they can offer any assistance


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