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How many will say that they are satisfied, content ?How many will say they are still searching ? How many have already given up because the road is hard. How many wonder if the Lord will come in their lifetime ?the answer: Most of us will say that ...This generation will see Him...things have been moving right along...The world is getting smaller, the violence against  Israel and God's people has increased 100 fold. The attack on Christians has become common place in Europe with the muslim onslaught....the final battle because most want this to stop will come. Notice to American Christians : our own backyard is becoming hazardous...relations between believers and nonbelievers  is becoming more and more  violent why? It used to be you had a right to your own opinion...but when we introduce facts to the table everybody becomes hateful....they rather have the pleasures of sin for a season...

This that we believe is powerful that others want it silenced?,Or they just don't believe that God will do some great things in their lives...and are afraid that they will have to give up something. I have a news flash....I didn't have to give up anything, what wasn't profitable for me He removed.

We must keep America in prayer,all around us this threat of Islam to take solid root on American soil...The Land that God Gave us and placed his name here....Both Christians and Jews came to America to find peace and a place where they could flourish....As anti semetism rises the need to  hold our friend and ally is great and stand behind Israel and keep Him in prayer for safety and that Messiah is coming back soon. Suprisingly soon!!

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