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I am doing a study on New Age and would like specific information on their beliefs regarding the following topics: family, suffering, death and friends.  Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. During my research I have found that information regarding this particular 'religion' to be extremely elusive. 

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I recommend you check out this link because it contains additional links to topics on New Age Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Science, Sociology and more.

hi mischelle

what the others said below is quite right, the new agers make great boast, but with nothing to back them, just false empty words example i was attending a meeting at Mac Master university, because they said you could ask questions afterwords, the student was doing his dissertation on "niche" totally not good, but i felt to go, when they opened the floor up for questions, the person leading (the head table) opened with the statement " we are Gods " don't tell me that, (as i laugh,) i put my hand up and said " what do you have in your hand " he looked at his hand, looked at me, with a stare of, you stupid idiot, looked at his hand, looked at me (same expression) then he said to me "nothing," i said "well God says He created everything we see from nothing, create something for us," he said "well-ll-ll we create values, i said what are values they change all the time, i went on from there to share Jesus a lot wanted to hear, some didn't and a couple would have liked to have murdered me on the spot, it was great, the cults, and false religions have a common thread running through them and that is the devil and his demons, a clear example to me was when i was in Albania as a missionary for 2 1/2 years God sent me to a particular group of hardcore Muslims, over the time they presented me with many of there books, to study and refute with the bible, one book had exerts from the watchtower ( JWs )magazine with pictures of the issue clamming to be truth, which it is not, many cults and false religions claim to be different and to a degree they are but in the end, when the anti christ takes his thrown, they will lay aside there differences, to unite into a one world religion, many are already working toward this Bahi New age etc. i hope this is of help to you

roy ruser

I would add that New Age comes in many flavors. Some are very recognizable and some harder to recognize. One thing to verify when dealing with any religous group is asking them what they believe about Jesus. We should dig deeper than a "pat" answer, because that answer is often a disguise for the deeper meaning of what they believe.


Lord Bles,



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