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is there a necessary 'prep period' in this life that makes us ready for Heaven?

must we attain a certain level of holiness here on earth before we're ready to meet our Lord in Heaven?



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U r welcome!

found this wonderfull news wondered if there are any more of the teachings of this man on line.



This is a very interesting question.


I may be approaching this from a little different angle from others (not much of a stretch for me) but I believe that the period that we are on earth in fellowship with the 'One Who inhabits eternity' will only make heaven more desirable here and wonderful over there.


I believe also that the 'level of holiness'( if there is such a thing) is achieved when we enter into a true and abiding relationship with the Lord. It is His righteousness that opens the way to heaven and it would be difficult ( if not impossible) to improve on that. Although I totally agree that we should strive (by His grace) to draw closer to Him each day by walking in obedience. This aids our 'focus' in dealing with this world as well as heightening our anticipation of the world to come.   Just my opinions.


God bless you 

1 Cor chap 6 v 11 in relation to sanctification.


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