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Ok, does anyone have a difficulty when reading the bible because you're not good at processing words in a book?


I'm like that. I'm not good at processing words. I understand things visually so much better. Like if one of the gospels were in a play with real people I'd understand it better than reading it.


I know I'm suppose to rely on the Holy Spirit. I just don't know how to hear His voice when He wants me to go to a certain chapter.


Any advice?

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maybe hearing the bible read on audio would be better?

You know what sister that is actually a really good idea. Thanks.

I tried's more calming. The comprehension is better but not 100% great....


I do know I learn by these two methods:music and visual aid.

i'm glad to hear that. we should remember too that we're new Christians and the bible will make more and more sense to us over the years


There is another problem...can you please pray the Holy Spirit calms me down? You see I have a hard time sitting down to listen to something being read. Just sitting there and listening...I don't know if hyper is the right word or not. I have to ether be thinking or doing something. Just sitting there and listening isn't as easy...

i will, 

also you might consider listening while you're doing something- folding laundry, making cookies, or walking to the store...


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