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I got these voices bothering me daily and nightly saying there demons female and male voices and they got this one girl who's always crying saying I can't do nothing I'm already in hell I've seen two in the reflection of a window and there monsters literally and some giant bugs through the reflection on the window also there using everything against me from my past and going against everything Jesus did for me saying I'm past forgiveness and there's nothing I can do and they keep calling me names I'm in a spiritual battle right now and am reading the word and changed up everything in my life I was doing wrong so this is me reaching out to everyone asking them for prayers thank you or for any Intel that will help thank you may god bless you amen

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Sorry where I am no one goes to church or there's no church around here its just me so I'm online looking for other people who put god in there life this isn't mentally health I know it neither do I have any health problems none this is extreme but I'm not afraid cause I trust in god but its still very extreme
Yes it is and I understand that it is very frightening for you. I think it's important to remember that God is more powerful than any number of demons.

Ok thank you for the support its greatly appreciated and the direction its positive and yes ill look up the verse in Romans I've done this online because where I am no one truly listens to gods word they think there saved but do nothing no actions or studying or praise god I'm alone doing this right now though in not judging anyone I'm just trying to find the word and put it in my life
Yes Gael thank you for the encouragement I'm just trying to get the proper instructions on how to approach understand and accept jc into my life as lord and how I can give him my life my days n time as much as possible this is very real but no one believes me my family thinks its all in my head so I keep all that happens to myself and this site here is the most support and help anyone's giveing me I want the word in my heart my life everyday so your very welcome to share foreknowledge with me anytime as I need instructions yes again thank you Gael , Michael j
Yes Gael I've read and said this prayer out loud thank you I'm frustrated today but keep everything to myself I stay up till the middle of the night every night and hear these things listening to my thoughts which is a problem I'm trying to deal with but am working on it yes this is my gmail but here's my FB if you have one makaveli king king

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Blessings, Carla

So I was talking my meds and the girl that's always crying said Michael don't take those pills there gonna kill you sure enough I took too many I collapse and my heart stopped my brother broughtmeback so now I know she's not liking there demons and there after me thanks for the book my FB is makaveli king king friend me
So two days ago the girl crying told me too stop talking my meds that they were gonna kill me guess what happen that say i seizures and my heart stopped yes I was in the hospital for two days so I'm guessing she telling me there demons and a dragon is real too jeez I'm fasting for three days and reading everyday and getting baptized and gonna find a church I can share the word at this was no chance this is real I can't believe this happening too me though why just be quiet till I die idk all praise and glory to god amen eternall

I fought this sort of thing myself. It will be persistently tough. You need to reach out to the world in prayer. The people will either take you or leave you. This worked for me. Ask the people for forgiveness. If you are aware of them or not. It doesn't matter. Listen for them. Let me know how you do or if you have questions.


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