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I got these voices bothering me daily and nightly saying there demons female and male voices and they got this one girl who's always crying saying I can't do nothing I'm already in hell I've seen two in the reflection of a window and there monsters literally and some giant bugs through the reflection on the window also there using everything against me from my past and going against everything Jesus did for me saying I'm past forgiveness and there's nothing I can do and they keep calling me names I'm in a spiritual battle right now and am reading the word and changed up everything in my life I was doing wrong so this is me reaching out to everyone asking them for prayers thank you or for any Intel that will help thank you may god bless you amen

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I pray that this helps you my precious friend.


I'm praying for you my precious friend. The Bible is our source for strengthening our wisdom. Scripture is food for wisdom.

Philippians 4:8 NASB

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things."

y thank you Linda it's greatly appreciated and I'm just asking how do you get the holy spirit into my life I've done alot of wrong sin in my past but turned from that and am trying to get saved please talk explain as much as possible to me thank you. Michael j
Thank you 4 your words and the video they were very uplifting very inspirational and thank you 4 being there 4 me its greatly appreciated yes there's these voices that tell me I'm already in hell and others female that whisper to me saying I'm going to hell its very frustrateing but I'm reading and trusting in our Lord cause every time I read he says he's always there 4 me and that he loves me he's not there to condemn me but save me yes thank you very much 4 the love you've shown me god is gonna help you even more now amen if you wanna friend me on FB my name's makaveli king king respect love honor trust and truth be with you Linda amen

Hi Michael,

 Just to add to what Journeyman and Linda have shared, it is essential to continue replacing the lies with the Truth, from the Word of God.

Please watch this video of Dan Mohler's on what it really means to resist the devil.

God bless you brother.


Michael,  do all these things that have been recommended. Also, and very importantly, talk to a medical doctor and tell the doctor these same things.  You could be having a mental problem through no fault of your own.  The brain is complex. Please get some medical attention.  God uses doctors to help us.   Good luck and may God bless you.   Annie

Yes I'm already on medication but it happens no matter what before they were right beside my head when I was laying down and there's more than one the girl that always crying says there monsters there snakes then the one male said in a scary choice said there demons and antithesis he's a dragon and another said he's a shape shifter and it doesn't matter where if I there always there anyways I'm studying the bible and doing everything i can to give my life to the lord and the female demon always says just wait till you see us and I as also heard thousands or millions cheering behind them Idk

I understand.  Go to the doctor again, and explain this all again.  Sounds like you need a different medicine or a different dosage.  I have no medical training, but this situation is obviously complex.  Seek God and seek medical help.  Talk until someone listens and takes your health seriously. Tell the helper of any drugs you are or have taken.  A mental problem is a health problem just as kidney disease or a tumor is a medical problem.  Get professional help.  Mental health is often free. Check online for your area.  Confide in your friends and spiritual leaders.  Your life is important.  You could actually be on too much medication.  Find solace in nature and maybe try the BIble on tape as you exercise.  Eat right also.  Get some professional help. I genuinely care, as do other readers.  Good luck an may God bless you.

Annie's correct. My sister experienced hallucinations from Prozac. Not saying that's you're taking it. Okay? My sister saw things flying at her. The dosage she was given was too strong. Some people are sensitive to certain medications. Not saying that's what it is for you, but you should visit your doctor. Another thought, sometimes old appliances, electrical outlets and light fixtures will emit an electrical field that will cause people to feel dread or hallucinate. Just food for thought. Also sometimes demonic things happen also. Maybe check around and see if you have anything in your house that has remained that should have been thrown away. Everything gives off something. Personal experience, I had old weird pictures I had to get rid of. We accept Jesus, sometimes we forget some the strange things we have laying around the house. 

God bless,


Hi Michael

I am new here, nice to meet you all. My son had the same kind of problem despite medication. It went on for a long while but he persisted in engaging with medical staff and eventually, after much trial and error, they got the. combination and dosage of his meds right. So please do tell your doctor how bad this is.

In addition to persisting with your doctor, persist in prayer. God DOES hear you. If you are not sure what to say just ask Him to help. You don't need fancy words. My son found it helpful to repeat the Lord's Prayer. I myself when I find something frightening find it soothing to repeat Issaiah's words aloud "Do not be afraid for I am with you." (Chapter 43 verse 5).

Be sure to let us know how you progress. In the meantime this sister will pray for you.

Yes I've stopped talking drugs years ago and dont take my meds but every night I hear them the same guys and the same girl crying saying I can't do nothing its extreme but I trust in god and staying faithful they say I sold my soul to the devil and I swing everything from my past against me and I've Brooke every commandment and almost every law so I'm super worried Idk I've seen a demon a monster and some giant bug creature through the reflection of a window also there was a giant demon sitting behind the demon I saw this is real there after me cause of all the wrong I've done I've separated myself far from god so there taking advantage also there's another female that is apart from there voices that says I'm going to hell this is crazy
It doesn't matter what you have done - it only matters that you tell God you are sorry and ask him to help. To paraphrase the author Phillip Yancey, there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more or any less than He already does.

We are His children and He loves us in a way we cannot understand. Trust Him, love Him back and ask him for help.

I wonder if you feel you could talk to your local priest? I really think he/she would be able to reassure you and guide you.


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