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My hope is that this post and link will help many searching for growth as Christians.

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Hello JB,

Of course you may call me JM. :-) We new creations are traveling on a pilgrimage because God selected us and we chose to follow him. I am certainly not who or what I used to be nor am I where I used to be. Does this mean I have stopped "learning who God is" certainly not. On the contrary I find that as my love for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit grows my need to know them even more deeply grows. I find articles on Christian growth very helpful as they help me blow off the dust so to speak and strengthen me. 

I'm content to know that I live for God's purpose for me. To give him praise and thanks continually for his glory and grace is why we were created. Yes, my sin nature gets in the way of my purpose. But, by God's grace and through scripture in fellowship I've learned that God never gives up on us. Fellowship, is integral to our learning. I need other believers in my life. We are like a rope of three strands. Stronger and better for our fellowship. Lifting each other up when sin tries to weaken us. 

Many are still struggling questions about sin, self condemnation, fearfulness, and not understanding our sin nature. That is okay. We have a book written by God and his children to help us. Growth and answers to these questions are all found in his word. Food for life and oxygen, God's word is for living as a new creations. Each moment we spend with him is more precious than gold or diamonds.  God has given us peace beyond all understanding. We need to be the "good Samaritans" helping out along the journey. I am a journeyman, one of lesser skill who works for his Master.

Your Brother in Christ,


A relevant topic.  We are to 'spur one another on in love and good deeds'  Personal growth is directly connected to that.   Acts 14:22 teaches us to "strengthen the souls of the disciples, encouraging them mto continue in nthe faith, and saying that othrough many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God."  Colossians 2:2 says "that ztheir hearts may be encouraged, being aknit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of bGod’s mystery, which is Christ,..."

Personally, I think that to grow in the knowledge of God's mystery which is Christ, we must each have a depth of understanding in regards to the importance, significance and truth of Christ's resurrection.  We must believe it.  If anyone feels as though they are struggling or faltering in their faith, it's probably a good place to start. The Certainty of the resurrection can be found in 1 Corinthians 15. 

Journeyman, it's a beautiful thing as you share your gift of encouragement with all of us here on AAG.  You are such a blessing here.

We're all at different stages and all have different gifts.  Thank you for sharing one of your gifts with us here on AAG.



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