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 " sure your sin will find you out." What exactly does this 1/2 verse speak to you. Personally, I never wanted my sins to find me out. In this world's thinking, you would have to be nuts to point out your issues to others.

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If I sin it will cause me pain and misery. We can not hide our sins from ourselves or God. As a Christian we have the Holy Spirit in us that will cause us to to regret our sins and ask for forgiveness so that we can reconcile with our Father. I know when I am unrepentant I am pretty miserable.

Sin has consequences even for the child of God and no sin goes unnoticed by God. When we sin we get away with nothing as God sees it all.

Lord Bless,

The wording of this phrase (the second half of Numbers 32:23) is somewhat awkward, which makes it difficult to interpret.  


I do not think it means that your sin "will be found out" no matter what you do to conceal it.  In other words, it is not referring to your sins being noticed by others and becoming public knowledge.


Rather, I think that "your sin will find you out" means, simply, that there is no escaping the consequences of sin.  Sooner or later, sin catches up with or "finds" us.  It causes harm not only to ourselves but to others, including our loved ones.  Anyone who denies this or thinks that they can sin without God knowing it is a complete fool.

Thank you for all the replies everyone

Hi Tammy,

Yes, this 1/2 verse (in Numbers 32:23) standing alone could offer several interpretations as to application.

However, it seems it's main statement here is directed to the tribes of Gad, Ruben, and probably the 1/2 tribe of Manasseh.

Starting at Chapter 32:1......these tribes were suspected by Moses of not going to keep their promises of helping the rest of the nation in driving out the Canaanites. Moses is warning them in verse 23: " But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the Lord, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out". (New Living Translation).

So, everyone who has posted their thoughts here, have concurred in the fact that our promises, vows, resolutions, and word given to God are remembered by Him......and count as sin if not carried out. Amen

Grace and Peace in 2014......and into eternity.

Thank you my friend


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