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 Being free means everything too me.And to be encourge by my sisters and brothers in the lord.I have been a drinker for a long time and smoking , I got tired and God bless me to this web. I give the glory to God. I believe and pray for God to take the taste away from me as well. "Everyone please be praying along with me"

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I'm praying the LORD will enable you to completely overcome the past experience and move forward into a life of purpose.

 Thanks! Amanda, I trust him and believe on him I know he will".

My prayers are with you. I also used to drink a lot and smoke. I also used to be i big drug dealer. But Christ has taken me out of all that. He continues to work on me conforming me to His likeness. He has removed me from that life and placed me in a church that teaches straight from His word. Lately He has moved me toward leadership in the church. If you give yourself completely to His will He will be faithful to give you the abundant life that will be so full serving God and others, you will have no time for anything else. Seek and you shall find. I am very excited for you in your walk. Be ready for trials and lean into Christ when they happen. Satan hates losing and won't give you up without a fight, but Gods word says resist the devil and he will flee from you. God bless

Pl. read 1st Corinthians 6:12 about being free.


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