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A question that has been haunting me for a while: why do I tend to cry every time I look at a picture of Jesus or read something about Him?

This is not the first time that happens. But I can't find an answer for it. Every time I see something related to Jesus,see his photo or watch something depicting his life story,this makes me cry. However,I am left with a profound sense of peace afterwards. Any idea?

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You are feeling "empathy" (a being aware of and sharing another person's feelings, experiences, and emotions} . This happens to me as well. I see this as an opportunity to experience ap part of my connection to Jesus.  Being a committed follower of our Lord Jesus and having a close relationship with him is really such a wonderful gift. Our Jesus loves us deeply. We are blessed to experience this. Like the song says, "Break my heart for what breaks yours." Jesus also moves us to know how great his love is for us.

Hope this was helpful.

Your brother in Christ,


Thank you so much for your reply. In fact,yes,I am know for being an empath. I do tend to sense people's feeling even before they tell me how they're feeling themselves. Which is also something that,in all honesty,does scare me a bit. But yes,what you said,seems to make sense! Again thank you for your time in replying me!

I believe there are many reasons for this. When you see Him, the sacrifice He made for you can be so overwhelming that it takes your emotions to another level. Knowing everything you've done in your lifetime & seeing this Man accepting the sacrifice for those choices can be very humbling. His name is above every name. The compassion He shows exudes at just the mention of His Name. It can send chills from one end to the other. It could be in thankfulness & joyfulness for all He's done for you.  There could be so many reasons but one thing is for sure, none of them are bad. Be blessed sister Yukiko.

Maybe because you remember what Jesus did for you but you know something he died for your sins he loves you sooooooooooooooo much 

Whatever the reason may be, it's a good thing.  It's a way to express your gratitude and love for Him and His sacrifice for us.

Blessings, Carla

I attended this class about Jesus Christ. The section about His being crucified all of us were sniffing and crying. You aren't alone. The instructor talked about how Jesus loves us. Where's the Kleenexes.

God bless,



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