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Here are some helpful links to study. Take some time to read a little every day: has more than 17,000 pages of resources on a variety of topics - a virtual Christian encyclopedia. Make sure you particularly check out the links at!

We also recommend learning more about Jesus in the text and audio versions of the Bible. Check out the Book of John. Also, we have teaching, music, and online Bibles in our MP3 Player:

A great tool for studying the Bible is the "Daily Jesus" study course at Use this to grow in your knowledge of God's Word and love for Jesus every day.

Use this forum if you have questions or want us to recommend a resource specific to your need.

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Welcome to AAG. You can join the Prayer Group at this link There you can post prayer request and prayer for people.


You are able to invite friends by clicking on the invite link located under your name on most pages. It will look something like this:

Your Name


Lord Bless,


I really enjoyed Jesus Central's website and have shared with my friends and family.  Thanks for providing this valuable resource.

Dear Brethren,

It's really a pleasure to be part of this online community of born again Christians. At the moment i am trying to follow up of the activities so that at the end of the day i will be a party to all if possible just by the grace of God. For i can do all things through Christ that strengthen me.

I love u all.

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