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How did Trinity work in creation, redemption and in salvation. ?

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Just a question

Do you believe that:
Christ is God?
the Holy Spirit is God?

Just to makes things short and clear.
Wow, Jonathan, I couldn't have said it better myself. But a small misconception would have one to believe the trinity does exist when the word is not in the Bible. There is no trinity and all the verses that one would believe hints toward a trinity, all conclude with the oneness of GOD.

Jesus' intire message was "I AM THE WAY!" Me, Me, Me, Me, Me. The religious community wanted him dead, not because he was a great teacher, not because he helped people in times of need, not because he healed the sick or raised the dead. Jesus was killed because they thought he commited Blasphemy a.k.a. claimed he was GOD in the flesh. GOD knew all he had to do was go to earth, in the flesh, and tell them he was GOD and by this, causing the greatest uproar in History.

For if GOD was divided, then it would suggest plural gods just as the pagans and all other religious beliefs of the time. Plural gods would suggest one god would have to learn from another. It would also suggest that a spirit would have to be born from a spirit or divided into multiple divine spirits.

When Jesus concludes with, "I go unto the Father, and "I and my Father are one," are definitely terms open for interpetation but this is a man who is said to be a Eternal figure which means time is of no value to him. For he can be in all places at all times, past present, and future. Him going to the Father and Being the Father could possibly mean that he is already watching himself as Jesus at a future point in infinite time. Of course this could be understood as an opinion but its a good approach to keeping a singular GOD. Now ask yourself, what is a nano second of time compared to living as an Eternal Spirit?

Several thngs come to mind as I read you response.

The time issue is not as relevant as you attempt to make it. Regarding your thought that Father God is Jesus, as implied in your last paragragh, who was Jesus talking to when He addressed the Father in the Garden of Gethsemene asking that the cup bew taken from him if He is the Father? Who spoke to Jesus and the disciples present at the mount of transfiguration?

The Doctrine of the Trinity: The word does not appear, nor does it need to appear in Scripture. it is a term that gives continuity to the teaching and understanding of Scripture. This teaching does not deny the oneness of God, but substantiates it. If God is not identifed as 3 in 1, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, what would the purpose be for baptizing a person in the name of all three?

If I am reading you wrong, please correct me, but what I read in your post is that you deny the Trinity. If that be so, please answer two questions for me and a third that I asked in another forum of you.

1) To you, who is Jesus?
2) What is your belief regarding salvation. How is one saved and how is salvation retained? What is the value of the blood of Christ in your view?
3) Define what you mean by "Jah" as it has many meanings depending on your beliefs or religion.

Thanks in advance,


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