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All About Bible and Church History, and Their Origins (22)

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Do we who live in the States and Canada fully appreciate the access we have to the Word of God?

How were copies of the canon of scriptures made before the printing press was invented? Were people killed for printing and distributing th…

Started by Amanda

2 Jun 2, 2019
Reply by JB

What makes a religion a religion?

Does a religion need a God to serve? Does someone need to 'invent it', like Muhammad did? Or do people need to just worship someone/thing?…

Started by Jess M

1 Jul 11, 2016
Reply by Carla

Reading the Bible

I've heard people say they don't understand the Bible so they stop reading. I've responded to that by pointing out the NIV being easier to…

Started by Seek

130 Mar 24, 2016
Reply by Seek

Proving the Word

I may have asked this before so sorry for repetition if I have. How does one prove the Bible is truth without using the Bible to prove it?

Started by Tammy

44 Jun 11, 2015
Reply by Chip Fitzpatrick


Can anyone explain to me about the book of Enoch?

Started by Tammy

3 Jan 15, 2015
Reply by Leonard T

Exploring the Christian Denominations

0 0 Delete Exploring Christian Denominations by Kayla 1 minute ago Hey everyone, I went to church with my bf this morning (who is a Bapti…

Started by Kayla

18 Dec 19, 2014
Reply by Chip Fitzpatrick

The Bible

I have two questions to ask. Though I know who the author of the Bible “Word of God” is, But! #1. Why was the bible written? & #2. To w…

Started by JB

8 May 12, 2014
Reply by ScribeD

books banned from the bible

i was watching the history channel and there was a program about books that were banned or rejected from the bible. does anyone know anythi…

Started by Becka

15 Dec 22, 2013
Reply by Carla

Bible Versions

I was doing some research on the King James and some are saying that it's not the oldest version. Once again, I'm confused. What is the old…

Started by Kayla

5 Nov 12, 2013
Reply by Seek

Did the Protestant Reformation Go Far Enough?

  Some would say not. It was Martin Luther's aim to root out all the cancers of decadence & depravity in the Roman Catholic Church, but…

Started by Theophane

2 Sep 13, 2013
Reply by Ryan Wichman


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