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The horrifying testimony of ex nun of the Roman Catholic Church

This is the testimony of ex nun Charlotte Keckler inside a Carmelite convent. Her written testimony can be read here:

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Comment by Chip Fitzpatrick on May 6, 2018 at 9:35am

I stumbled across this video by accident. Now that I think about it God had this video right where I could find it you see my oldest daughter was brought up in Catholisim long story short its a form of brain washing placing a intermediary between man and God thereby sidestepping Jesus His work....with the new Pope that is present  who embraces Islam, homosexuality, and many other questionable avenues away from the direction Jesus pointed it in. Idolatry is the snare upon those who [partake) in mass which includes prayers to statues the works of mens hands exactly WHAT God  SAID DO NOT DO BECAUSE IT STIRRS HIS WRATH AGAINST ALL WHO partake in the idolatries....Please pray for my daughter Carmen and her husband Tom they are both getting deeper in this.....

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