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My Mother is a treasure a wonderful gift more precious than gold

She is the highest and most noble pursuit of womanhood

She taught me fundamental lessons of life, love, self-sacrifice

A lesson of integrity, virtue, sin, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. 

She nursed me, loved me unconditionally, cherished me and instructed me

She was busy molding my life from the moment I was born, loving and disciplining.

My Mother is a Godly Mother who fervently prays for me

When I am in Trials, she continues to pray before Lord day and Night

She stayed at the altar constantly prayed with a broken heart,

Pouring out her tearful prayers interceding for me

She is my Mother devoted and fully committed herself to her motherly responsibilities

She raised me for the Lord and in the fear of the Lord


My Mother is truly devoted to God and demonstrated her unconditional love to me

She trained me with all tenderness, affection, and patience.

She trained me in the scriptures even when I was a Child

She taught me how to pray and how to have communion with God

She taught me how to respect others and show love to others

She influenced my life by her own example in Godliness

Her life reflected Gods love and sacrifice.

My Mother gave me a shoulder to cry when I felt alone and cried with me


My Mother is indescribable, many times her sacrifice were unnoticed

She was always there for me when I need her the most.

My Mother is the Best in the world, a gift God sent for me

I am extremely grateful and thankful for being my Mother.

Thank you, Mother, for being my role model.

Thank you, Mother for being my inspiration

And I am very proud and blessed to be your Son.

I am Proud of you Mother and I love you so much!

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