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From Passover to New Life

Title: From Passover to New Life

Scripture: Exodus 12:1-42

Church: Family of God Fellowship

Date: June 15, 2014


Key Thought: The Passover points forward to our salvation in Jesus Christ.


I.       The Passover Lamb.

A.     A. An instrument of God’s holiness.

1.       Exodus 12:12

B.     B. A  celebration of God’s salvation.

1.       Exodus 12:14

C.     C. There is a parallel here with the final judgment.

1.       God will separate …

a.      … the wheat and the tares. Matthew 13

b.      … the sheep and goats. Matthew 25

c.       … the godly from the ungodly.

1.       Ungodly defined – without God

2.      Godly defined – with God.

II.    Jesus, our Passover Lamb.

A.     A. Satisfied God’s judgment.

1.       Hebrews 9:26-28

a.      He died to completely do away with sin. V.26

1.       One day there will be no more trace of sin.

b.      All people face judgment. V.27

1.       John 5:28-29

c.       Christ paid the penalty for those who call upon His name. v.28

B.     B. Achieved our salvation from sin and death.

1.       Hebrews 10:1-10

a.      The old system. Vv.1-4

1.       Could not permanently remove sin.

a)     It could not bring a changed nature.

b.      Christ’s sacrifice brings forgiveness and transformation. Vv.5-10

1.       Note verse 10: We have been made “holy” through His sacrifice, once for all.

a)     Permanent transformation.

III. Christ’s sacrifice for you!

A.     A. Worthy of remembering and celebrating.

1.       That’s what we do at the table of the Lord.

a.      1 Corinthians 5:7-8

1.       We come to the table as a changed people.

a)     We come as children of God.

B.     B. Note: Taking Communion does not save you, Jesus saves.

1.       Because you are saved Communion is a special celebration.

a.      We proclaim …

1.       … Him as Lord and Savior.

2.      … His life.

3.      … His death.

4.      … His resurrection.

5.      … that He is coming back.

a)     Coming back for His bride, the church.

IV.  Challenge

A.     A. Believe vs. Trust

1.       John 3:16; James 1:19, John 14:1-6

B.     B. faith vs. Conviction

C.     C. Examine … worthy

D.    D. Time of contemplation and reflection.

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Comment by LT - TheNET Coordinator on June 15, 2014 at 5:47pm

Thank you for the ps and you are welcome :-)

Comment by thewatchman on June 15, 2014 at 3:28pm

Thank you,  I really enjoyed listening to the one from last week and using the outline to study with.  I am very grateful for these.  

ps Happy Father's Day

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