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Why be Gritty?

The Profits of a Gritty Life.                                                                                      Whetting your appetite for G.R.I.T.

Amazing . . . #Compellingforsure
Picture a life in which JOY carries you through the day,                                  and Laughter comes as naturally as breathing.                         …

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Just the word gets me going.  The concept of it, why we need it, and the difference it makes even prompted me to take up a paintbrush and capture what it might look like on canvas. 
Do you know anyone who possesses grit?  This guy does:
 "The only thing that is distinctly different about me is:  I'm not afraid to
    die on a treadmill.  I will not be outworked, period.  You might have more

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Summer may be the season people love the most.  I've been thinking about why that is ... balmy nights, longer days, flowers in all their glory, watermelon, time at the beach, time at the lake with friends, picnics, more relaxed schedules. 
Southern California, where I live, does not really have seasons that are too dramatic-one way or the other, in terms of climate.  At an outdoor concert last week, Mac Powell of Third Day,…

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This is a rucksack.

This is a rucksack.

Have you ever determined to be happy
   or to be positive,
     to stop worrying . . .
       to live in a state of gratitude
         or possibly to be contented,
           to only say good things . . .
              but you just couldn't break through?
       Maybe there is a reason.
Segue . . . quite a few years ago-okay, many years…

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The ONE Thing.

The ONE Thing.
Purity of heart is to will one thing.
May I charge you foremost to remember that we were made for God?
Enter into prayer with me, please: 
"Father in heaven, what is man without you! 
What is all that he knows, vast accumulation though it be,
but a chipped fragment if he does not know you? 
What is all his striving, could it even encompass a world,
but a half-finished…

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Game Changer

Game Changer. Acts 2.14-41

'You know what I miss . . . a good ole fashion gospel message.  Seems like I don't hear em enough.  After all,
the gospel is good news,
   and reminds us of who Jesus is,
       what he did on the cross,
            and just how much he changes our lives. 
It was Peter who preached the first Christian sermon, who stood and told a huge crowd in Jerusalem about Jesus.  Think of…

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Fins to the Left

Fins to the left, fins to the right.

Sitting at a Dana Point beach the other day with my friend, I was annoyed by the buzzing of a helicopter overhead.  Eventually, I was cognizant enough to think 'why in the world doesn't that helicopter go on its way?'  Finding the answer required walking further onto the beach to see what…

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My Out of Body Experience

My out of body experience.

Remember the other day I said I had a sort of out of body experience?  And when it was over, it had caught me so off guard, I had to ask the people sitting near me what had preceded it. It was wild.
Here's what happened at the closing meeting of the pastors' conference at the Billy Graham Center at the Cove in Asheville, North Carolina last weekend:

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Greenery, Gutsy Faith, and Gus.

Greenery, Gutsy Faith, and Gus.

In retrospect, it was kind of like an out of body experience.
I had to ask the people near me to help me reconstruct how it came to be.
But first, I must set the scene, which was unusual right out of the gate. 
This past weekend I travelled to Asheville, North Carolina, for a pastors' conference at the Billy Graham Center at the Cove - a place I have often longed to…

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Do you love the Bible? Part Deux.

Do you love the Bible? Part Two.
podcast:  …

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Will you tell the truth?

Do you love the Bible?  Part One of Two.
podcast:  …

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