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God created man from dust,the first man was of course Adam. He didn't want man to be alone so the first woman came from a man's ribs. Since then makes might have been born coming from their mothers,but without daddy's sperm no pregnancy could occur. A strong male presence is needed in a males life or it would help. Men often suppress their emotions because there is little to no understanding of male pain. He is expected to provide and protect if he can't he is criticized big time. A jobless man is looked down upon in this society,while Christ accepts a poor man we live in a world that despises poor men while living rich men. Men can stay single,get into a relationship with a woman and yes some men are gay chooses other men. Women have made it known they like men that are financially stable.His looks come further on her list,while a woman's looks are first on men's list usually. I am sure Christ understands this,most men do but very few women do. It has been rare to find women who understand they often respond whatever,oh well,who cares. Men try to explain his frustration often told grow up,get over it,stop crying,stop whining,let it go,suck it up . Men do get hurt by society and women at times,high expectations out on men indeed . Can a woman's life be hard sure although she getting emotional is tolerated better than men getting emotional. Just wish that society and women could understand men as well. Men should respect women,but women need to respect men as well. It's not just women who have been hurt men,men have been hurt by women too,this is more facts than myth.

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I meant males,loving rich men

If you drew a ladder at the top would be God the Father. The next step would be Christ the Son. Going down, the next would be man & on the floor is a woman. That's how God created it & nothing we do or say will change that. The man is the head of the home. What does that mean? It means if he chooses to have a wife, he is to be the leader in that home. If he has kids, he's the leader of those. In taking that role, absolutely unequivocally yes, he is to be the provider & caretaker. God says if a man doesn't work he doesn't eat. That ladder does not mean that the man is any greater than the woman because it's level ground at the cross. In many societies, women are treated as a sex toy to be used whenever they desire. She's beat & treated like a dog. In our society, praise God, she has the freedoms that men do. 

As far as men being emotional, you're quite blessed. You are in a time & age where men are not looked down on when they show emotions. God created those emotions so why press them down. What's the shortest Scripture in the Word? Jesus Wept. Do you think He gave a rat's tiddly what anyone else thought about it? And sorry, I had to laugh about you saying men hurt by women is not a myth but facts. Where did you ever hear this myth told? I'm not thinking anyone would argue with you about that. 

Yes, there are many times we need to suck it up & move on especially in the small things that really don't matter or the things we cannot change. 

I do work,but what about those men who are jobless,homeless,or have turned to crime. Tammy I have abled bodied men asking me for money in public. There are resources to help  them that or they can find work like I did. How would you feel if you had men abled bodied asking you in public places Madamn can you spare some change? What would you do ?

You ever considered that many of those men asking for money are drug addicts or alcoholics & no matter what job would be handed to them they don't want it because at the moment, the drug is their priority? There are a few in hard times but there are jobs out there. How about the single moms who are homeless & toting 3 kids around in a stroller, holding the hand of another & carrying another. She's homeless because these great men beat her to the point of no return. If she didn't leave, she would be killed & the kids would be orphans. The women's shelter is her only chance. What about those? 


Is there anything that you don't complain about?  

It's amazing how our attitudes determine our outcome.  Be Grateful!  If you think you don't have anything to be grateful for, think again.  Start with something obvious like a physical need being met, or that you have sight, sense of smell, hearing etc...  Start there and see where it takes you.  When we get into complaining ruts, we are actually training our brains to complain... they can be retrained to default to gratefulness instead.  Repent from the negative attitude, agree with God that you fell in that way, and He helps us to think on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy (Phil 4:8).

Complaining drains a room faster than anything else and all of the people around you, as well as your health.  No one wants to be around it.

Repent and choose gratitude instead.


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