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Obviously this discussion has just about come to an end, sorry to see it end, especially for me.

I just thought it was for discussions. I'll come back maybe later, but for now I'll sign off. Lord bless JB

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I'm confused what you're referring to. Am I late to the ballgame?

Tammy, I just see no one seems to be interested in discussions any more, and the site seems to be going in a different direction than what it was designed for. We have other groups to post our opinions, prayer requests and etc. on. 

I know I'm not the best at starting a discussion, like you or Amanda, Carla, or LT. and maybe not the best at responding to those that are posted. I was kinda hoping we could get something going on the Lord's supper, I posted the way I take communion, and maybe that was a little out of line as far as discussions are concerned. 

I do my own bible study, word searches and am well pleased with the results, but I don't try to preach to this site. We  can all copy and paste, forward messages from our favorite teachers and preachers.

I have noticed that LT hasn't posted any of his sermons here on the discussions, but will correct and answer questions about the Word, or any concerns that others have. I admire Him for that. Thanks LT if you are reading this. 

I come here about everyday, just checking in to see what's going on, and finding nothing that is worth my time to read lately. So I thought I would look for another site Christian site. Love all you guy"s.

So no ball game that you are missing out on. LOL 

I see you on FB. 


Sorry JB. I didn't even see the discussion or I would have responded. When I first moved to Texas, I didn't have a church home but was admin on another site like this one. They would have services online every week & Jim would also partake of the Lord's supper & we did as well. At my church, they do it like it's always been done in old school as far as passing that bland cracker around & drinking that sip of grape juice. We do it Easter & Christmas Eve. Seems like years ago, we used to take it way more often than that at our church. I can't remember though.

Hi JB,

I hope you change your mind.  I haven't been online much as I have some things going on at home, but hope to be on more often now.  We value your input here.  

Don't go.

Love In Christ, Carla


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