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 Hi im rusty and one day while buying in the market i saw a cashier that i like because of that i buy to here and fall in line, but because there are strangers around me noticing my action she was been affected and gone in the market. I always come back in that market but shes gone until one day i saw a girl and cross our eyes and saw a black eye that freezes my time it about 1-2 seconds my time stops. The other day i saw again a girl which similar to her eyes the one i saw first and i saw again the black eye which stops my time. Again other day it happen again in the 3rd time with 3 different girls. Because of that i wear shades and in the market it plays a song "it makes me crazzy" the other day i wrote it in the internet like a crazzy one, telling im afraid of a girl and wear shades. Because i was outcast and even begged for a single coin to buy in the market to see the girl but no one is giving me, i go to the farm and makes my mind relax, but because the girl was gone im thinking maybe something happen to her or dead. I cry everyday in my mind, grieving for her. Until in the farm under a tree while i sit while thinking of her i became crazzy its like i lost my mind and i remember the word FATE the happening of event, the thing played in a song that will make me crazzy and it happened. Then after that a clear voice in my head was speaking asking me what 3 wishes i want after i reply it stop. Then i bike again my strenght boosted after that i go home. After that day i didnt slept for 3 consecutive days with someone comes within my body or controls my body or my brain is malfunction. Then i brought to mental hospital and many things happen in that with a voice in my head while i was taking medicine. Until one day it changes , its not talking anymore its like if you speak it will reply or if you think anything in your head it will talk until this day 1 year had pass.

I regard this thing as a gift a way to communicate to him, i also take it as subconcious mind, or a duality which is yin or yang, or a spirit or soul which is on the bible

My conclusion is that its related to God or if its God who is also simultanously talking in living thing around the world in the same way His doing to me

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