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All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others

       First we were born, when we where young and where looking for our creator, how do we end up like this and like that, why we exist and presumably because of that God is exist, how things are created the First of all which is God, and now a days because of Science we understand our world,and whats beyond and unreachable for science is GOD.

       I read the bible and its has lots of ideas , information and knowledge about God, how do we know if its really dependable , is the evidence and scientific knowledge we gain out of it. Other takes faith alone and contented believing the bible. Its is the only book that tells about God and pick verses that can be applied today in our daily. Did someone in earlier times write it in behalf of God's authority to make us known of all human on our world that this is from God? Is it really the origin of God's word? But whenever i read it, it always has a weight of knowledge you can gain out of it.... but is it really True ? how can i be certain? it only takes a lift of faith at all times so the decision in our hands if we believe or not.

        And this is what i gain before reading the bible, i acknowledge that this is the way that God communicate's to us. First we have our own head, we have eyes , hearing , touch , smell and taste and other senses which understand by our human brain. Every one second of time generates in our world we have our movement of the cells in our body, and it generates thoughts, ideas, or information in our head. The question is where did it came from? its from the yesterday or from the time that had past or a new thought, ideas or action created in our brain in that moment. Of course we would tell that it is us that we have control in our own actions , thoughts and feeling.... I say it is God that did it..... either God let us move freely and do not intervene in our life. God let us move freely and if He will's it He can control us without us being known by it. God is first and science is the instrument of God, for our better world. 

        I have some ideas about science  and of our world with related to God but because im not that sure or certain about it . I keep it as my own. Just an advice " A GOD is True " better to seek it for your self and search for it with a good heart and mind.

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