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I have an IPhone and I’m having difficulty posting a profile picture.  Any suggestions please?  Thanks and God Bless you:)!

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Well, I'm cell phone illiterate. I always use my laptop. Sorry

lol No. I was saying that I wished I could help you but I know nothing about cell phones. I do good to even answer mine.

Thanks anyways Tammy

Hi Mary,

Here are the steps, hopefully they will help.

1)Sign in to the website.

2) In the upper right corner of your screen you should see a small icon with three dots and three lines (it's beside the heading 'All About God')

3) Click on the icon

4) touch 'Desktop View'

5) Touch 'My Page'.  It's at the top just underneath 'All About God-Growing Relationships with Jesus and others'

6) Touch the area where your photo will go and click 'Change Photo'

7) Touch 'Upload -Choose a new file'

8) Go to your Photo Library and choose the photo you want to upload...Touch it

9) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'

Hopefully this helps,


Thank you for walking me through this.  I appreciate you!

You're welcome Mary.  Happy to help.

Blessings, Carla


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