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Kobe and His NBA Bryant,7 others died helicopter crash,now Corona Virus,2020 off to a bad start

I never said Corona Virus wasn't serious,it is,I just hate how it is costing isolation and many things to be closed. Those who have it yes I sympathize,but however not everyone has it not will get it,and they too are forced to miss out on normal events that would be occurring if not for this. Kobe Bryant death hit me hard he was my peer just 4 years younger than me,His daughter Gianna was 13 and had a bright future ahead in women's basketball them and the 7 others killed in that helicopter crash were on their way to Mamba Academy where Kobe was going to coach his daughter and a couple of her teammates that were with them. It was foggy that morning in Southern California the pilot should had waited until the weather was better,just one day before they had traveled same location and it wasn't a problem. Michael Jordan brought some healing speaking at Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial in Los Angeles last month. When tragedy happens we need more who will be in support of us and to the rescue if needed. Like Michael did for Kobes widow Vanessa and the 3 surviving daughters.

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The many have to sacrifice for the few. If they weren't closing up places other the essential places, the virus would hit more & be more devastating. So, yea, you have people who won't get it but is it worth the risk for you to walk around taking the chance on affecting others & even them dying? I don't want the deaths of others to be on my conscience because it was inconvenient for me to stay in my house just a few days.

Kobe's death &.the others' death touched the entire nation. It was a sad thing indeed especially when the helicopter should not have been flying to begin with in the horrible weather. 


Death is always serious, and it's always tragic.  Of course it feels more personal to us when it's a friend.  I hesitate to say 'it shouldn't'.... but Should it?  Shouldn't we feel compelled to care when people are dying every day?  That's why Jesus wants us to come to Him. That's why Jesus wants us to tell people about HIM.  It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, everyone is invited to come to Jesus.  So far, to date, 16,313 people have died from this Novel Corona Virus.  Are we to care less because we don't know them or haven't heard of them?  Isolation is hard on everyone, but in this case it's an act of love and sacrifice.  If you have a hard time staying home shave your eyebrows.

Stay healthy, Carla

I do feel bad when people for regularly. Carla I had lived in a neighborhood where the woman working at restaurant nearby was shot and killed. Where I live now a lady was killed in a hot and run,3 people killed in an accident.  Death is on my mind I wish Jesus and God were ready for me I hate this world. I am not suicidal but if I get shot,stabbed or hit and run I want it to lead to my death. I don't want to be in wheelchair,crippled,paralyzed,in a hospital bed still here.   Forgiveness for me is hard I'm a believer of compassion but at 45 I learned way back in child hood the lack of it I got from both family and outside world.  People got to want to hear about Jesus and God of they don't believe in them or aren't interested the only t

hing to do is ask God to change them.


I noticed this before, so now I just have to ask.  Why do you keep separating Jesus and God?

Who do you think Jesus is?

God is creator of the universe,Jesus is son of God,God sent Jesus to save humans from their sins. Jesus is the world's Saviour died painful death at 33 on the cross,he is able to understand human suffering yet didn't sin. He didn't give in when Satan tempted him like Adam and Eve did.

What do you think Jesus meant when He said "I AM"?

He said this in John 8:58.  He was responding to the Pharisees when they asked Him "You are not yet fifty years old and you have seen Abraham?"  Jesus responded "Truly I tell you, Jesus declared, before Abraham was born, I AM"

Why do you think they wanted to stone HIM?  It's not because Jesus was saying He was God's son.  It's because HE was saying that HE is God incarnate.  Jesus is indeed the Saviour for all who call on HIM, but HE is also God in the flesh.  Jesus is fully God, and fully human.  HE never sinned because HE is God.  Jesus was making Himself equal with God, as when God identified Himself as 'I AM' in Exodus 3:14.

Do you understand why Jesus calls Himself all of the following, each starting with 'I AM'?

He says:

I AM the bread of life.  John 6:35

I AM the light of the world. John 8:12

I AM the door of the sheep.  John 10:7-9

I AM the good shepherd.  John 10:11-14

I AM the resurrection and the life.  John 11:25

I AM the way, the truth, and the life.  John 14:26

I AM the true vine.  John 15:1,5

Jesus is saying that HE has existed Eternally.  He was not created by the Father.  He Exists Eternally as the Alpha and the Omega, that means He is the beginning and the end.  He was and is God, equal to the Father in every way.  He is the second person of the Godhead.

As long as I am a believer which has been the case since June 2, 2002. There are people who are athiest,devil worshippers,voodoo,fortune tellers,psychic and witchcraft. It's up to them to change. I want to get to heaven which I am ready for. I am on Facebook and posted many times how much I hate this world. You were put here for a purpose,God has a purpose for you,God put you here for a purpose,there's a reason why you're here. That doesn't cheer me up. I like when people can understand me but that's rare. Christ is great but sometimes it would be nice if humanity knew how to understand better. Parents selfishly screwed if my dad had worn a condom and my mom birth control pills I would never had to deal with this world. I was born a man and men do go through a lot is something that only Jesus and other men can understand very few women get this. Jesus knows my deathdate or his return I like to know to be relieved. I have no kids and I have done them a favor by not impregnating some woman to bring them in this world.  Again this is how I feel and somewhere there is someone who understands screw being misunderstood that sucks .


You said "As long as I am a believer which has been the case since June 2, 2002."

What exactly are you a believer in?  If you don"t believe in the deity of Christ, you're certainly not a believer in Him.

You complain.  You are negative.  There is no fruit of the Holy Spirit in your communications as far as I can see here.  Are you just having a bad week, or is this how you are all the time?

There are certain essentials of the Christian faith.  They are as follows:

1)  The deity of Christ.  Jesus is God.  John 10:30 and John 20:28

2) Salvation by Grace, not by works.  Ephesians 2:8,9

3)  Salvation is thru Jesus alone.  Acts 4:12. 

4) The resurrection of Christ.  1 Corinthians 15:14, John 2:19-21

5) The gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

6)  Monotheism.  There is only one God.  Exodus 20:3; Isaiah 43:13; 1 Cor 8:5,6

7) The Holy Trinity.  Matt 28:19; 1 Cor 12:4-6

We will all answer to Jesus when we die and give an account of our lives.  Are you excited to tell Him about yours?  What will you tell Him, that you hated every second of the life HE gifted you, and that you resent being alive?  Will you tell Him you chose negativity because that was more appealing to you?  Have you read the parable of the gifts?  Are you certain He won't say to you 'Depart from me I never knew you?

I"m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm trying to wake you up.  

Lastly, If you don't believe in the deity of Christ, why do you believe He can save you from anything?  How can you trust and believe in someone you don't know?

I find it's absolutely RIDICULOUS that you continue to throw the women under the bus because they don't 'understand'. Let me tell you just a droplet of the life of a woman that you'll NEVER understand. Have you ever had a a 7-9 pound watermelon push its way through your genitals? Uh, NO!!! You ever had cramping so harsh you could rip a tire off a car? I think not. That's not the end of it. She then has to get up 15 times a night & allow this child to drink from her body - if she breastfeeds. If she doesn't, she's still up 15 times in a night. We clean diapers full of poop & change wet clothes 5 times a day because they wet themselves. I have 5 kids. My last 3 are 18 & 17 year old twins. The 18 year old is 11 months older so I have triplets. Imagine taking care of that 24/7. My husband caught his breath everyday that he left to go to work. I was jealous of him being the provider. I wanted to go to work & catch my breath. I'm left holding down the fort. My only daughter who is 28 is a drug addict though clean for now & pray she stays that way. Do you understand the sleepless nights this mother has had & the tears she has shed over her baby girl? I'm sorry but a dad will never know that pain. Yes, he hates it for his child but nothing like a mother. I would do it all over again though & wouldn't trade it for the world. I could write a novel on women - maybe because I am one. Have you ever researched the life of women in the Far East? Women are no better than stray dogs that walk their streets. At least the dogs aren't raped - Usually. 

You hate life? You'll always hate it with your attitude. Do you ever try reading the word & finding encouragement from the BOOK OF LIFE? If you do, don't read the book of Lamentations. Just some friendly advice. Some people live in their misery & are afraid to live without it. It's what keeps their blood pumping. They thrive on it, hating everything & everyone that comes in their path. My mother-in-law used to be this way for 60 something years. Over the past 10 years, she has humbled herself & is actually a joy to be around. However, she wasted all of those years being bitter & sour. She missed 8 years with my children, 8 years with her son & her daughter-in-law. She grew bitter at her church because they didn't pander to her after her husband died. I'm sure they were there for her a good while because I know the church & some of the people. However, she chose to focus on the bad.  

I'm going to say exactly what you said others have told you. You need to pull your big boy panties up, stop moping about trivial issues & move on. Your parents sucked (I don't know if they did. Just saying) - Move On. You had no siblings - Move On. You don't have friends - Move On. You have no woman - Move On. You have no kids - Move On. You have a birthday in December - Big Whoop Move On. You're pissed because you have to stay in the house for a week or 2. If you haven't been social for 40 years, 2 weeks isn't going to matter. Once this is over, get out there. Stop making excuses not to. Personally, I think this virus just gives you YET another issue to gripe about. Had we not been quarantines, would you  be complaining saying you could get the virus because no one is take precautions? Think about that before answering. You're pissed because we don't mourn Kobe Bryant for more than 3 days - Move On. We didn't even know the man. My husband & 2 sons love basketball & are great at it. My son would have had a scholarship had he not got injured. He played against Stephon Curry in high school. He now coaches. My husband was shooting hoops at a theme park - Six Flags. A black lady stepped up & asked him where he played ball at. She paid to have him shoot for her son to win him something. My 18-year-old was awesome at it as well. He'd practice the second he got out of school as well as at school until dark. I'd have to force him to come home for the evenings from the park. We also had a goal at the house. My husband attended North Carolina State University & was sitting in the bleachers when the Wolfpack won the 1983 NCAA Division I Basketball Championship coached by the world renown Jim Valvano. So, basketball runs in my family's veins & my son & husband read up on everything printed & online for days after he & his daughter as well as others were killed. We still didn't know the man long enough to still mourn him. The country & the world has Moved On to issues - Like Saving The World at the moment.

I could give you a truckload full of issues that you could stress about if you need them but seriously, you need to get a grip. You're 40. Make the best of the rest of your life while you have it. Like it or not, you're here til He calls you out of it. Don't sit in the mud & mire of self-pity moaning & groaning. If you search His heart, He will be found. However, it takes you searching first. He's not going to beg you to come knocking & He also stops knocking after some time. So, you can live the rest of your life wishing you were dead or you could Move On loving precious give that's been given you. 

Oh, and about the part where you believe, even the demons believe so that's not a big whoop either. The issue is, Do you act on that belief? Hmmmm Think about that one a bit as well. You may be surprised at your answer.


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