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This is how I met my own God. While buying in a market in our town I met a beautiful girl with my own liking, I became to like her at my first sight, I don’t know how but it like a magic. I decided to pursue her. But because I sense that they are strangers surrounding in my place or where I live in, she’s gone in that market. I don’t know what happen to her it’s the time im started to think that there something happened on her or maybe She just resign in that work. The thing is She is the one that has been gone there while I can always go there and look for her. Im still had a childish view in that time ,  so I blame myself and cry and cry a lot until that day its like I take a sleep but its not a sleep because it’s the same hour of my wake up, but im fully recovered for having a rest. Then I go to that market see another a beautiful girl and look at their eyes and see an  eye with a black color with my time stop or it  freezes maybe its just a 1 or two seconds . It is 3 times with the different girls with the same similar figure of the eyes. The other days that had past I return to that market and a song plays … it talks about “ It makes me crazy” and Its like that song is talking in my head that someone is become crazy because of that thing. The other day that had past and I posted it on facebook  I saw a girl and I became scared by it. Then I go to the farm under a tree and remember what happened to that girl and I grieve or make sad by it, in my own feeling I was been outcast by my society, I begged in front of the 24/7store but I don’t get even a 1 coin. Its like the whole world is against me and the only thing which makes me happy is that little girl in the market which is gone. Then while grieving or crying under the tree in a farm, suddenly my feeling changes and its like I became crazy the feeling of disorganized control over your own head. Then I remember the song played in the market it makes me crazy then I conclude it is a “ FATE” I don’t know if its my mind that makes it think it or that it suddenly appear the word “FATE” and I looked it in the dictionary I brought in that place after reading the word fate  an unavoidable happening of event…. Then a clear voice inside my head start talking in me  “That say IF WE CAN HAVE ALL THINGS WHAT 3 WISHES I WOULD LIKE” and  first I think who is it because that’s the way He ask in my own language I presumed that the thing that says if we can have all things …the only thing appear on my mind is God but im not sure but its my guess , then  we have a small chat as I remember it says by means of Brain waves and subconscious. The I return Home inside our Home a small voice talk again if I given you another I don’t remember  if it’s a strength or what … what I remember clearly is that if I will be given you another…. What will you do. Then my body is heated and my feeling is that I became energize… Then I bike because I presume that it’s the girls on the market are the one special that I see a black eye and stops my time .  Then after a little conversation I bow my head and itslike talking in my head that She is GOD but because of that I don’t clearly believe. I return Home and waiting for me to sleep but because everytime I sleep there s a feeling that there something happening in my body that the people here in our place is doing so everytime I sleep its like a death or life chance in my life. Before I sleep I closed my eyes and said the word GOD many times and heartbeat started to beat fast, then I take a sleep. The other day my strength was gone its like my body was being damaged, same as the other day I go to that market not to see the girl but to find where and whos is GOD, my memory is not sure whether the events takes place in the past is the same as what I have told in these story but it do my best. Then I return Home and before I sleep, I talk without my control there is an important word come out in my mouth I presume  that is related to Him. I talk and talk without my control in that 3 days with only juice inside my body a tea I drink. Then that feeling was different we have senses so mostly that’s the only thing separate us from this world of us. Then they started to pick me up with a 2 police saying that there is only will be a check up but instead of that they lock me up and confined in that mental hospital 4-5months. Before they confin ed me they started to interview me about the food I take I did not disclose it to them and as my predictions is correct they lock me up in the hospital and confined me in several months. That’s where the clear voice started to speak to me He teach me several things and I ask Him who is HE and you know what might be the answer. I put lots of information in this all about website  the appropriate place where you might find your God and share what I have known instead keeping it a secret in my life…. And know in our present time August 20,2019 what do you think left by me by that clear voice… if you read all my post at this website that is it , and its not only me I I think many of people here in our place are experienced the same or experiencing the same. I don’t know if you don’t have that kind of happening in your life  if it will happen in your life, the thing is I believe in God and I offer what I can share about God feel free to ask but only on this website im not available in personal because I have only low profile and assuming that it’s a different story or topic when talking in God in person… Im just an ordinary person who has no job now and only at home and this is what I do now when I stop posting maybe something happened on me or I don’t have an internet connection.

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Hello Rusty. God is our good and loving Father Creator. I read your story here and I want you to know that I'm praying for your clear understanding of God's direction to you. We all find ourselves looking for answers in our lives. God the almighty creator of everything seen and unseen desires to hear our words and see how we treat others. Be at rest in the peace that Jesus died on a cross for us. Believe in him. Sing about his mercy. 


Hi journeyman thank you for noticing me. The thing is i always wanna talk about God and all about God, Im not contented with what i have now, i know its wrong.. I want to teach what i have known. My desires is to let out my feeling of God, everyday im thinking of Him like even in watching i don't have the most interest in other topics except for God. First i only know about the passion of Jesus who crucified on the cross and what other topic the bible tells about God. But after that day everything changes, its like you need to eat food everyday as like Him to think of Him in your Head , im seeking for Him, and im not contented to anything i have known. I wanna study the Biology and others like the Science where are our intelligence came from and compare it to religion and the thing that i have known. I have known it and explain it in my own understanding but i don't  have a evidence that can be controlled or grasp by humans it only in my head and it can only be talked and discuss. No Human can intervene or manipulate that kind ideas or speculation. Other people testing it to know if it really God works, like me, but its a bad attitude. Its like in the view of God you test Him? if your in God's position what would you do?.... Its only natural to people to have an evidence or to understand how God really works in our life but its funny that We or You dont believe in God until He does things out of your knowledge ,, and the worst of all it might be only in your Head, if thats your conviction you dont believe in God, then you have no faith. Im just talking im not referring to you. hehehehe

I dont know the right WAY of our world, how to become  a right person, what would you be. what would you do everyday in your life. Is helping others or doing everyday what would only benefit you the most

Thats all , i talk to much please bear with me , thank you again for noticing me


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